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If you would like to pre-pay for your live order, here is how to do it!  Simply add however many you claimed to your cart and checkout.  No need to wait for Friday's invoice! 

On a budget and don't want to overclaim?  Use this option to pre-order your live claims.  Once you hit your pre-paid max, you're all set!  


Tianne is live Mon/Wed/Fri at 6pm MST with pop up flash sales on Facebook and YouTube simultaneously.  You can watch the SAME live in real time on either page.

Watch on YouTube HERE!

Watch on Facebook HERE!

Want to JOIN Paparazzi and save 45% - $99 to start.  Click HERE to sign up with Tianne as your perfect Paparazzi sponsor.

You buy each item for $2.75 from Paparazzi.  You then retail that item for $5 to your customers.  Your profit is $2.25 EACH piece!

Thank you for shopping with Gem Box during our LIVE. Please know all invoices are due upon receipt and auto-delete at 48 hours.

We appreciate your prompt payment and purchase! xoxo T


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