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You have this in your order as a personal thank you for shopping with Gem Box Accessories, Paparazzi Jewelry with Tianne.  

If you receive an invoice, please remember these 3 tips!

1.  All invoices due upon receipt and cancel if unpaid after 48 hours = Sent Fri, due Monday evening.
I am excited for you to receive your chosen pieces.  Thank you for your prompt payment.  Don't forget to check junk/spam folders and as I invoice every Friday, invoices cancel by Monday night by 8pm MST.  If you have a payment issue please PM me.  I'm friendly and will always be fair. Thank you for shopping with me!

2.  If you are a Paparazzi Consultant and fail to pay, this ensures a permanent social media/shopping block/ban. I am friendly, flexible, but fair.  Let's be the good we seek and represent Paparazzi well.
I never like doing this as I want to embrace my Paparazzi sisters and share the love for our jewelry.  Please know we represent our brand and as a Consultant you know how to offer great customer service and in turn be a great customer.  Non payment is below our outstanding standard.  As I am available online daily and invoice every Friday - there is plenty of ways to reach me or plan.  Let's do right by one another. 

3.  I am unable to delay, hold, or rollover invoices as I like to finish one week's orders before starting the next.  Thanks for helping me stay on top of it!
If an invoice cancels, I don't have a saved list of what you claimed so it will return to my inventory or to the next claimant.  Please know I am unable to hold/rollover/or delay invoices.  I encourage you to plan your bling budget so you can shop guilt-free!

There are thousands of Consultants you could choose - I appreciate you choosing me! 

I promise to always be the best Paparazzi Consultant I can be.  If you love this jewelry and want to join my Paparazzi family, please know you will LOVE the business side of Paparazzi!  Join Paparazzi and save 45% on your jewelry HERE.

Thank you again and I hope you have a happy day!  I appreciate you as my customer and bling pal!  If you have questions on returns or shipping, check the Quick Links at the bottom of the page here on my website - you'll see all the info to help.  xoxo


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