Which Paparazzi Starter Kit is Best For You?

If you are considering becoming an independent consultant with Paparazzi it's important to know the benefits of each kit so you can make the BEST decision for your goals.
There are three different kits to choose from.Β  Take a moment to observe what each kit has to offer- you may find yourself leaning towards one of them.Β  Listen to your heart.Β  You'll find the largest kit gives more for the price, yet the smaller kits are affordable and useful as well.

The $99 Kit

The $299 Kit

The $499 Kit

Let's crack some numbers.Β  This can help put things into perspective.

Please note that the size of your kit does NOT determine your success.Β  I invested in the $99 kit and have a thriving team and sales revenue.

Looking back, I wish I had gotten the larger kit!Β 
Here's why:
I bought hundreds of dollars of jewelry to boost my inventory and a ticket to convention.Β  If I had bought the largest kit I would've received the jewelry cheaper than consultant discount pricing & a convention ticket free (saving me a few hundos in the process).Β 
Did I mention in 2018 Tim McGraw performed only for our Paparazzi Convention?Β  Amazing, right?!

Benefits of $499 KitΒ 

200 pieces at consultant pricing of $2.75 = $550

Convention ticket cost = $190

Total out of pocket investment if purchased separately = $740
Cost of largest kit = $499
....not to mention the added bonus of the marketing materials!Β Β 
What a bargain!
Most consultants invest monthly into their inventory and in hindsight realize that starting strong is the greatest value and largest discount.Β Β Compared to other businesses that require thousands to begin- Paparazzi’s investment is so very reasonable.Β Β 
My explanation is only to help you put the cost in perspective so it won’t seem so huge or scary.Β Β  The great part is, regardless of your budget- Paparazzi has a starter kit meant forΒ YOU.Β 
Start your Paparazzi journey today!
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