Top Ten Reasons For Joining Paparazzi



Top Ten Reasons to Join Paparazzi

1.  I take it at MY pace- there is zero forced purchasing.

2.  45-50% commission is higher than ANY other direct sales opportunity. 

3.  Zero catalogs and inventory requirements.

4.  Successful training with a proven team- I do lead by example.

5.  Jewelry doesn't expire, lose freshness, or require upkeep...pure fun.

6.  The price of the retail product BEATS competition i.e. mall/dept stores and boutiques.

7.  Paparazzi has integrity and a company that promotes strong business leaders.

8.  Can promote your business 100% online and see success.

9.  The market is not saturated and there is zero competition at our price point.

10.  It works....100% it works.  I have seen it myself and will help you find YOUR way.




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