Paparazzi Zi Collection & Signature Series


The Zi Collection is referred to the "Bling of All Bling" by founder, Misty Kirby. 

Initiated in 2012 as a celebration for Consultants at annual Convention, these beautiful showstoppers are now available for Consultants AND Customers since it's nationwide open release in 2017.  

These beautiful pieces are luxury.  They are couture.  They rival any necklace you've ever dreamed of.  Retailing for $25, get ready to be amazed at the quality, sparkle, and feel of these unique pieces.

Every year, between February and May Consultants may strive to be honored to 'Rock the Runway' and be selected as a Zi Collection recipient and model.  They will strut their stuff on the runway at that upcoming year's Convention.  In front of all of Paparazzi, they are honored for their success!  The Zi Collection Signature Series line has 10 necklaces named after top-ranking Consultants. 

These beautiful pieces are available from September to the following August for that year only.  Grab these collectible beauties while you can.

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