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Fashion Fix is a monthly selection of matching sets called Trend Blends.ย  FIVE Trend Blends are curated each month and are based on trendy cities across the USA.ย 

These Trend Blends are jam-packed with unique, limited edition accessories designed to be worn together by Paparazzi's Stylist Team.ย 

The total amount of Fashion FIx items per month are the 20 pieces, 4 each in every single of the 5 Trend Blends.ย  It's like a subscription box for jewelry.ย  A complete, perfectly styled jewelry wardrobe!

Fashion Fix At A Glance


  • Trend Blends areย matching accessories curated by stylists to reflect the latest trends based on a hot US city.ย 
  • FIVE Trend Blends are released on the 5th of every month.
  • Each Trend Blend is comprised of four matching accessories curated by a stylist.
  • Each Trend Blend set limited edition- available ONLY for released month- so grab 'em while you can!


Only select Consultants access the Fashion Fix sets every month- but lucky you, Gem Box has them EVERY SINGLE MONTH!ย  Be on the lookout for the new sets and grab them before they're gone!

The Trend Blends are:

Magnificent Musingsย  ย  ย 

Fiercely Fifth Aveย  ย ย 

Simply Santa Feย 

Sunset Sightingsย  ย  ย 

Glimpses of Malibu

Below you'll find descriptions of each Trend Blend style.ย  Click the header name to view Gem Box inventory that matches each category.ย  Feel free to mix n' match pieces to create your own custom Trend Blend!

Paparazzi Accessories | What Is Fashion Fix? | Gem Box Accessories
Fiercely Fifth Avenue

The styles featured in the Fiercely 5th Avenue collection are exactly what you would expect with a name like that: Sleek, classy, metallic designs that youโ€™d find on the streets of New York. The accessories in the Fiercely 5th Avenue Trend Blends are strong and edgy, which makes them incredible versatile.

Examples of Fiercely Fifth Avenue:ย  Pearls, Silver, Classic, Elegant
Celebrities: Audrey Hepburn & Marilyn Monroe


Paparazzi Accessories | What Is Fashion Fix? | Gem Box Accessories

Glimpses of Malibu

The Glimpses of Malibu collection was created with inspiration from the styles of Malibu, CA. Styles in this Trend Blend will feature fun, livable fashion with an upscale flavor. The color are usually a bit tamer compared to the bolder hues found in other collections, and the attitude tends to have a laid back vibe.

Examples of Glimpses of Malibu: Pastels, Filigree, Hearts/Delicate, Shimmer
Celebrities: Selena Gomez & Ariana Grande


Paparazzi Jewelry | What Is Fashion Fix? | Gem Box Accessories

Magnificent Musings

The Magnificent Mile in Chicago is where we pulled our inspiration for the Magnificent Musings collection. With a range of shopping venues, the Magnificent Mile is a hub for classic trends with urban elements and the Magnificent Musings collection follows suit.

Examples of Magnificent Musings:ย  Gunmetal, Steampunk gold, Edgy, Hematite
Celebrities: Lady Gaga & Gwen Stefani


Paparazzi Accessories | What Is Fashion Fix? | Gem Box Accessories
Simply Santa Fe

Earthy, desert-inspired designs are what the Simply Santa Fe collection is all about. Natural stones, indigenous patterns, and vibrant colors of the Southwest are sprinkled throughout this trendy collection.

Examples of Simply Santa Fe:ย  Silver, Wood, Turquoise, Sparkle, Southwestern flair.
Celebrites: Ree Drummond & Taylor Swift


Paparazzi Jewelry | What Is Fashion Fix? | Gem Box Accessories

Sunset Sightings

Trendsetters are sure to gravitate towards the accessories found in the Sunset Sightings collection. Featuring more drastic designs, bold colors, and funky combinations found outside the box, the pieces of the Sunset Sightings Trend Blends could easily be found on young Hollywood icons or in the pages of People magazine.

Examples of Sunset Sightings:ย  Leather, Enamel/Beads, Postive mantras, Geometricย 
Celebrities: Gigi Hadid & Blake Lively

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