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My 15 Minute Video on Finding the Perfect Sponsor, Paparazzi Success, and Team. 


Choosing to join Paparazzi is a bigger decision than some may think.  Many join with the person they buy from or may know.  Your Paparazzi Sponsor matters in ways you may not realize- There are IMPORTANT things you should know before you join Paparazzi and pick someone to be your upline.  I'm here to help you discover some key info and help you along the way.

  • You Only Choose Your Sponsor Once.

Many new Consultants don't realize that their choice of a Sponsor is a one time deal.  You have a very brief window of 3 days after joining to make a change, but after that...your choice is permanent. Is the person you are choosing ready to make a permanent commitment to you?


  • You Will Want Reliable Help to Learn and Grow Your Business.


Will they have TIME for you and know what it's like to be at the beginning? If you are looking at a sponsor, did you know you aren't guaranteed THEIR results?  Your business is only yours and most importantly, will your sponsor know that and help you

I will help you grow your business at a pace you set and will encourage you to be the best version of yourself. 

  • It's important to Know What A Paparazzi Consultant Can Earn.


I've been an Independent Paparazzi Consultant since 2016 and have transformed my business into more than I made as a full-time NICU RN.  Please view Paparazzi's income disclosure statement HERE for approximate Consultant earnings based on rank.




Approximate Earning Potential as a Paparazzi Consultant (2018)
Paparazzi Jewelry | IMPORTANT Info to KNOW Before You Join Paparazzi | Gem Box Accessories

  • Choosing Your Sponsor Means Finding The Right Fit For YOU.

    When you choose your Paparazzi sponsor, you can only choose once and many ladies think it should be who they shop with or heard about Paparazzi from.  Or they may choose a visible or top-selling Consultant thinking that gets them closer to that level of superstar team results.  I respect that loyal mindset - but remember, this is your one shot to give yourself the best results and success. 

    You'll want to be careful and thoughtful about who you choose as your sponsor.  


    • It's Okay To Choose A Sponsor You May Not Shop With or Know.  It's YOUR Decision.

      Sometimes it seems like joining under who you shop with is the right thing to do. Please ask yourself, is that the best option for YOU or for them? 

      Choose someone for reasons that will bring you success not simply add numbers to someone's down-line, to make them happy, or to avoid hurting their feelings.  If they aren't helpful for you after you sign up - it will be your feelings on the line too and you won't be able to fix your choice.

      You can only choose your sponsor once; CHOOSE WISELY.


      • A Strong Sponsor Can Answer Tough Questions.

        Here are important things to think about before you join to help you decide who is your best leader and fit.  Feel free to screenshot and ask these of your potential choice.  I'm comfortable answering every one as well.

        Key Questions To Ask Before You Choose Your Paparazzi Upline Sponsor

        Will YOU be shown the ropes day in and day out?


        Do they have personal business success already?


        Is there a reliable way to reach them?


        Do they have training methods to learn the business and how it works that actually generate sales?


        Do they know their lineage in the company: from their personal up-line to the very first Consultant?


        Do they know Paparazzi Corporate Info, Staff, and Events?  Do they attend Paparazzi events?


        Do they have time to personally mentor and communicate with you?


        Are they familiar with and know the four Paparazzi Founders?


        Do they have new ideas or do they rely on someone else for info?


        Do they understand Paparazzi Compliance and what we can do as a Consultant?


        Are their live videos watched?


        Do they have a lot of likes on Facebook or a big VIP group?


        Can they teach you how to be or a good salesperson online?


        Do they have integrity, honesty, and strong business values?


        Can they help you understand shipping, invoicing, taxes, recruiting, and customer service?


        Are they a good personality fit?


        Will you be successful learning from this person?


          • Your Sponsor Will Be Your First Mentor.

            As you can see that ONE sponsor you get to choose will affect your ability to learn and grow.  You can absolutely do it on your own - but why would you want to? 

            If you watch my YouTube and Facebook videos you'll often see Consultants watching who say, "I wish I had joined with you".  I get that comment a lot.  Why?  Because strong sponsors who have time for their team are unique.  I'm proud to be a leader in this tough business.


            • Your Sponsor Needs To Have A Plan & A Track Record.

              I know what it's like to develop a REAL business and do it from the day you join. I do have time for you. I have unique talents that lend itself to being a successful Consultant and I'll share them with you. 


              The training I share has been mentioned frequently among Top Consultants and my training videos have thousands of views.  I'm proud and honored to perform on the level of Elite successful Paparazzi Consultants.


              I innovate ideas that the Founders of Paparazzi have kindly mentioned are noticed.  I'm so very proud of my hard work and ingenuity as a Consultant.  I want to share it with my team so they can succeed too - they inspire me to improve and grow!


              I know how to share these tools in a way that a beginner or an experienced Consultant can understand.


              Paparazzi Jewelry | IMPORTANT Info to KNOW Before You Join Paparazzi | Gem Box Accessories


              • Choose A Sponsor Who Has Time, Heart, & Energy to Help.

                I'll be active very day and take your calls, messages, and questions with kindness and honesty so you know you're getting the real deal. I'll teach you how to make graphics, create a website, reach views, and find customers. 

                I'll show you how to grow at a pace you set.  Your goals won't be blurred with mine and you won't feel lost.  I don't pressure people to perform at a certain expectation but I will encourage you to reach higher than you may believe you can. 

                If all of this is true - why am I not the most visible Consultant out there?  Easy.  I'm selective about who I cultivate into my team.  I'm not interested in being the biggest; I'm interested in being the best I can be. I want MORE than numbers - I want your success.  I only encourage those who will be a good fit to join with me as it's got to feel right.  I think that's important and makes a difference.


                • Find A Sponsor Who Leads By Example.

                Let's see what you can create with genuine insight into making Paparazzi successful!  In short, I'll lead by example and help you discover your Paparazzi story.

                You'll see my videos on YouTube,  my VIP Group, and Business Page and presence on Social Media.  You can google and see my products listed on my website.  You'll also find I have very little to no negative surrounding my business.  I work so very hard to make sure what I do measures up to my personal standard of excellence,  personal faith, and accountability to my team, God, and family.  

                I believe integrity speaks for itself.  I want that to be consistent trait I live by.


                • Imagine A Year From Now: Would You Change Your Mind On The Sponsor You Picked?  Choose Wisely.

                  Choosing a Sponsor is so much more than appearances, picking a neighbor, or copying someone's success.  It's bigger than being loyal to the gal you shop with.  It's about YOU.  What you want.  What you dream of.  What you think will take you where YOU want to go.  

                  It's a personal business decision about finding a mentor, a teacher, a networking guru, a friend, and a cheerleader.  It's critical to choose a sponsor who is professional and understands business and knows how to impart that knowledge with skill. Join a team that needs and values YOU - because you matter!

                  I've got outstanding quality to offer. Quantity too if that helps to know that others have made the same decision.  However, more than anything- I've got the heart and vision to develop a strong foundation for your business....because it's working in mine!  

                  Who should you choose to lead you at the very beginning, where you can set the pace and tone for your business and Paparazzi experience?


                  • Why Tianne is Your Perfect Sponsor.

                  I'll proudly state 'choose Tianne' for your Paparazzi sponsor and offer for you to join my personal team as a partner because I truly believe I offer the best.  I won't let you down and I'll give 100%.  I want people looking for this to know I'm out there and ready to help.

                  My team is called Aim High because those who are in it are striving to do their best, on the path that fits them the best, and together, we rise to the best within ourselves.  That is my goal as a Paparazzi sponsor.  

                  If this resonates with you - Let me show you and see for yourself the difference a perfect sponsor can make.  Join today to start your Paparazzi journey with me.


                  How To Choose Tianne As Your Paparazzi Sponsor

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                  Hint: It's even faster if you order early in the week.

                  Paparazzi Jewelry | IMPORTANT Info to KNOW Before You Join Paparazzi | Gem Box Accessories


                  This is my personal invitation. 💕  I can't wait to see what we will accomplish together.


                  Paparazzi Jewelry | IMPORTANT Info to KNOW Before You Join Paparazzi | Gem Box Accessories




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