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🔥Welcome to Gem Box Accessories with Tianne🔥

Proud PLATINUM seller & Paparazzi Consultant since 2016




➡️LIVE on Facebook HERE and YOUTUBE simultaneously on Mon/Wed/Fri at 6pm MST (this is 5pm Pacific, 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern) I have Hostess Parties on Fridays at 6pm MST.  I also offer pop-ups and flash sales throughout the week.  Get Text alerts of when I am live by sending GEMBOX to 74121.


➡️I will post albums of items & wall drops throughout the week, comment "GEM" to claim. These claims will combine all week and invoice on Friday. 


➡️Everything is ONLY $5+tax & $3.75 Shipping for up to 4 items, $1.25 per ounce thereafter.
(With the Exception of our Zi Collection for $25 and Starlet Shimmer for $1)


➡️Free Shipping on $75 or more!


➡️Invoices are emailed every Friday and due ASAP.  After 48 hours of being unpaid your order will delete and you will be blocked/banned.  My week runs from Monday-Saturday.  I do not engage with my business on Sundays.

💎1. Invoices MUST BE paid within 48 hours - NO holds, exceptions, wait until payday scenarios, or breaking up of invoices, or "I forgot".

‼️If you cannot pay within 48 hours, your invoice will delete and you will be immediately blocked/banned.‼️

Why so strict?
If I take the courtesy to show, package, and prepare your order and save you money on shipping to do this weekly, you show me the courtesy of paying for your order ON TIME.

You cannot have granny die for the 8th time, oopsie you claimed too much, have a hospitalization, vision of the afterlife, etc. I was not born yesterday peeps and I'm friendly, but I don't like being taken advantage of. NO EXCUSES on this!


Important: It is your responsibility to make sure I have your correct email and shipping address before Friday. Send it here:

If I don't have your email, you won't be invoiced and you lose your items. Do not take advantage of the whole week and my time to message me and say "oops here it is" on Saturday.

💎2. I will NOT send photos or track or remind you of what you claimed. It is YOUR responsibility to write down, keep track, screenshot (however it works for you) to remember your order. NO exceptions. DO NOT ASK.

➡️Packages will go out within 5-7 days of payment (pending product arrival on New Releases)!


➡️Register to get loyalty rewards when you Buy 12 to get 1 Free (sent as a promo code for my website monthly):


➡️You can also Shop my Full on Hand inventory here:


-New Bling added most days- Free Shipping on orders of $75 or more using “BLINGME" in the promo code during payment at checkout.


➡️Interested in Starting your own business? Join Our Family here:





💎Thank you~ Tianne💎


MY goal: Create a positive community of women who celebrate glam, beauty, tacos, and Paparazzi with a focus on developing their potential while realizing their strength and self-worth! 👑⚡️🌮💎 #GemBoxGoals


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Gem Box Accessories denotes Tianne Pierce, Independent Consultant of Paparazzi Accessories, Consultant ID 56975.

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