Paparazzi Jewelry | Frequently Asked Questions FAQ | Gem Box Accessories

Paparazzi Jewelry | Frequently Asked Questions FAQ | Gem Box Accessories

Shipping & Tracking

💋 Where is my order?
Your order requires up to 10 days for processing and an additional 3-5 days for shipment to arrive.  Please note this is stated at checkout, during order confirmation, and on the homepage for your convenience.  Most orders ship within 3 days.


NOTE: Any queries regarding tracking/shipping within this processing/shipping period will be responded to with a link directing here to the FAQ or to your tracking email.

There are two reasons for the 10 -15 day from purchase to order completion/arrival timeline.  Your patience is valued and your order is important to us.  

  •  High volume with shipment of over 250 pieces a week with required time to locate all of these items in the inventory and prepare for shipment.


  •  The time frame for product to arrive from Paparazzi or in rare instances, shipment to replace a defective piece.  

Note that shipping is 95% of the time within 3-5 days. 

Gem box is proud of the ability to ship quickly with high volume, however, the 10 processing baseline is to ensure all orders are within the stated shipping times.  Please be patient and realize our shipping is FASTER than most Consultants who ship at our level of volume.  We are so proud of Gem Box and work hard to make sure customers love Gem Box too!  Shop with confidence - Your order is on its way, timely, safe, and accurate!
💋  How long do you take to ship my order out?
Orders begin the processing timeline as soon as it is received in our system and will ship as reflected in the stated processing/shipping time.  You will receive an order confirmation stating your payment has been received and your order is in our queue. Orders are not processed chronologically due to ebb and flow of product.  

💋  Why do you take 10 days to fill an order - especially if your items are in stock on your website?
Each order takes time for us to personally find the item in our inventory, combine it with any other items, double check for quality and accuracy, and prepare for shipment.  This is a maximum "worst case scenario" timeline.

💋   What if I only bought items ONLY on your Live?  When does it ship?
If your order only contains items claimed from a LIVE video, it will ship within 3-5 days of payment.

💋  I bought something from your website but I don't know if it's in stock or not- when will it ship?
If the item is available on the website, it is in stock and must be located and prepared for shipment.

💋 Why do Live orders ship faster?
If you claim items ONLY on a live, they go straight into preparation for shipment, which means there is no need to further locate items to complete your order.  It is fast, efficient, and easy.  If you want jewelry FAST - watch Tianne live on Facebook and YouTube simultaneously at 6pm MST HERE.

💋  I claimed items from NEW RELEASES/BOMBS AWAY on Facebook AND also claimed items from a LIVE video- when will my order ship?
If you order contains items that are NEW RELEASES?BOMBS AWAY these items require 5-7 days to arrive to us from Paparazzi and additional time prepare your order for shipment.

💋  How will I know my order shipped?
Once payment for your order is processed, you will receive a confirmation email.  Once your order has shipped, you will receive a separate email containing tracking info.  Please ensure you check junk & spam folders.

Note:  As your tracking will be given via email, queries regarding tracking will be redirected to the FAQ for your convenience.

💋   How do I qualify for FREE SHIPPING on your website?
If your final total on your website order reaches $75 at checkout, please apply the promo code BLINGME to receive free shipping.  We are unable to retroactively apply the code or discount.  Please remember to apply it at checkout for your order.


💋 How do I qualify for FREE SHIPPING on my invoice?
When your invoice is created if your total reaches $75, the discount is automatically applied.  Whereas your website order requires the promo code to receive the free shipping discount.


💋  Oops! I want to use the FREE SHIPPING promo code but I forgot to use it when I paid for my order- Can I use it still?
We are unable to retroactively apply any promo codes or discounts to website orders.  Thank you for your understanding. 

💋  I can't find my shipping email.  Did you send it?
Your shipping email that contains tracking information will be sent to the email address you provided at checkout.  It is automated in our system.  Please check junk/spam filters.

💋  How do you ship?
We ship USPS First Class or Priority mail wit the US Postal Service.  On orders of $75 or more, complimentary $100 insurance is provided.

💋  How do I track my order?
You will receive a tracking number in your shipping email, sent to the email address you provided at checkout.  You will be able to track your order via a map, text, email, and/or Facebook messenger. These instructions are included in your shipping email to ensure you know exactly where your order is prior to arrival.

💋 You said it would ship in 10's been longer.  Now what?
We ship quickly and often well within the 10 day window however, delays do occur.  This is rare and is likely due to requiring product arrival or replacement.  We are proud of our high volume and quick turnaround and will ship your order as soon as possible. If a delay occurs, please respond to us with courtesy via email at info@gemboxaccessories to receive information regarding your order.


💋  I wanted my items at a certain time (for a holiday/event/vacation)- What can I do?
Before you purchase, please take into account our 10 day turnaround & the additional 3-5 days for shipment when you are placing an order to ensure timely delivery.  We cannot guarantee any timed delivery, especially during peak seasons such as holidays where common postal delays occur.


💋  I got my package- thank you!
Once it arrives- Open your package and enjoy! We love making our customers happy and take pride in our secure & pretty packaging.  If you have questions or concerns on your order- please review  our shipping and refund/return policy below.  If your queries are not answered, feel free to email us at

💋 Questions regarding your package being lost or stolen or delayed?  Please see our Shipping Policy HERE

💋 Questions regarding broken/defective/incorrect items? 
Please see our Refunds/Returns Policy HERE

Invoices & Ordering

💋 I just claimed an item on a Bombs Away or NEW RELEASES albums on Facebook- what next?
We will comment "You Got It" to reserve your claim and invoice you the upcoming Friday. 

💋 Do you contact me if I am sent an email?
We will also publicly post all invoices have been sent on our Facebook Business Page and VIP Group as well as the email you will receive with your invoice.  Any extra communication such as a PM on social media is not required.  Please track your purchases and be aware you will have an invoice on Friday if you claimed something.

All invoices are due upon receipt and auto-delete with a block/ban if unpad at 48 hours.

💋  I just claimed an item on a Live- what next?
That item will be reserved with any other pieces you claim and invoiced on the upcoming Friday.

💋 I'm new! How do I send you my info?
Welcome to Gem Box!  If you are a first time shopper,  please either message us on Facebook your email and shipping address or completing the Contact Us form HERE.  

💋 If I claim something in a Bombs Away/NEW RELEASES album and on a LIVE - do you ship it separately or together?
Album items and LIVE items combine to make one invoice that once paid will ship to you as a whole.  

💋  Can you send pictures or let me know what items what I ordered?
No.  We are unable to send photos of items claimed as it is time consuming and causes shipping delays.  We suggest during LIVE videos to write down/take note of what you claim and the color to ensure memory of your orders.  

💋 When do you invoice?
All invoices are emailed on Fridays.  

💋 When is your billing cycle?
Our billing cycle is Monday through Saturday.  We do not engage with our business on Sundays.

💋 When I buy from you- who packages and sends my order?
Our CEO and founder, Tianne personally packages each order.  We take pride in our fast shipment, boutique-quality packaging, and excellent customer service.  If you want to order directly from Paparazzi where it ships from their Corporate Warehouse, you will need a Consultant to gain access.  Feel free to use Gem Box's access link HERE.

💋 I can't find my invoice? Did you send it?  When did you send it?
Your invoice will be sent to the email address you provided.  Please check your junk/spam folders.  Invoices are always sent on Fridays.

💋 How long do I have to pay for my invoice?
Invoices are due upon receipt and auto-delete with an immediate block/ban if left unpaid after 48 hours. NO EXCEPTIONS.

💎1. Invoices MUST BE paid within 48 hours - NO holds, exceptions, wait until payday scenarios, or breaking up of invoices, or "I forgot".

‼️If you cannot pay within 48 hours, your invoice will delete and you will be immediately blocked/banned.‼️

Why so strict?
If I take the courtesy to show, package, and prepare your order and save you money on shipping to do this weekly, you show me the courtesy of paying for your order ON TIME.

You cannot have granny die for the 8th time, oopsie you claimed too much, have a hospitalization, vision of the afterlife, etc. I was not born yesterday peeps and I'm friendly, but I don't like being taken advantage of. NO EXCUSES on this!

💎2. All claims are final - You claim it, you buy it. Capiche. If you want to add an item from my website or a replay, get it to me BEFORE Friday so I can invoice smoothly and accurately.

💎3. Invoices will ship by weight per usual, $3.75 for up to 4 items, $1 per ounce/4 items thereafter.

👉🏻Important: It is your responsibility to make sure I have your correct email and shipping address before Friday. Send it here:

If I don't have your email, you won't be invoiced and you lose your items. Do not take advantage of the whole week and my time to message me and say "oops here it is" on Saturday.

As a courtesy, we hold your items for no longer than 48 hours to allow time to complete your purchase. 

One reminder email will be sent before auto-deletion for your convenience.  

💋 I have been blocked/banned - Can I shop with you again?
Because I allow an entire week to prepare for paying for your order and also send reminder emails - any non-paid order will result in a block/ban.  No exceptions.  You may order from my website as those orders require payment to process but there is to be no further claiming on social media or live videos.

💋 It says my items are 'reserved' when I was emailed my invoice.  Does that mean I have until that date to pay?
An item being 'reserved' is our automated system holding that item for you.  All invoices are due upon receipt and auto-delete within 48 hours.

💋 I paid for an order on this website; what happens next?
You will receive a confirmation email stating your order is now in queue to be processed and shipped. 

A separate email will be forthcoming stating your order has been shipped and will provide tracking information.  Please allow our stated processing time for your order to arrive.

💋  I received an email saying my order is 'confirmed' does that mean it has shipped?
Confirmation emails are sent to assure you that payment has been processed for your order and it is now in our queue to be prepared for shipment. 

Once your item ships, you will receive a separate shipping email that contains tracking information.  Thank you for your purchase!

Fashion Fix & Life of the Party Orders

💋 I ordered Fashion Fix (or Life of the Party)...Can you include that in my invoice/order I already have? 
Fashion Fix and Life of the Party items will be included with any other items to be invoiced on the upcoming Friday.


💋 I ordered Fashion Fix (or Life of the Party) items but they're not on my invoice- why?
These items will be included on the Friday invoice that falls near the 4th for Fashion Fix and 14th for Life of the Party during the month.

💋 When do you invoice Fashion Fix or Life of the Party items?  

The Friday that is nearest the 4th for Fashion Fix and the 14th for Life of the Party.

The items are available every month for pre-order as pinned posts on our Facebook Business Page and will be shown live on YouTube.  You may purchase these by searching "Pre Order" above and adding the desired items to your cart.

Changing Invoices/Orders & Default Policy


💋 I don't want an item I've claimed anymore; what do I do?
All claims are final.  Quantity of items is limited and reserved for you at the time of your claim therefore, please only claim what you intend to purchase and commit to buy.  

💋 Can I change my invoice before I pay for my order?
All invoices are final.  Please claim only what you intend to purchase as it is a courtesy to hold these items for you until the time of invoicing.


💋 I'm on a fixed income or limited budget- Can I do layaway or pay for part of my order?
We are unable to offer delays/holds/extensions on payment.  Please only claim what you intend to purchase.  
💋 I get paid on a certain day or on 'payday', can I pay you on that day?
As a courtesy to you, invoices are always sent on the Friday of the week you claim.  This fixed schedule provides the opportunity for you to plan your purchase accordingly.  Please only claim what you are able to pay for at the time of invoicing.

💋 Can you hold my invoice another week?
We are unable to hold orders.  Thank you for your understanding.  Please only claim what you are able to pay at the time of invoicing.

💋 Can I add items from online claims/lives to my website order I've paid for?
Website orders are created automatically at the time of payment and are final.  They are unable to be edited. 


💋 I didn't pay for my order- Can you send it to me again?
If payment is not completed within 48 hours, your invoice will auto-delete as a default and will result in block/ban and disabling of shopping privileges.  This can be avoided by remembering you have an order coming.  We invoice quickly so customers can keep track.
We are unable to recover deleted invoices.  Thank you for your understanding.

💋  I let my order expire and/or didn't pay- Can I still shop with you?
If an order is not paid and/or there is no response to get your invoicing info or you fail to reply to messages/emails, etc (i.e. forgotten or missed) your order is considered in default and will disable future shopping privileges. 
Please pay invoices upon receipt to avoid this result. 
Repeated issues with payment (i.e. sorry can't afford it, canceling before invoicing, claiming many pieces and dwindling it down to a minimum) will result in loss of shopping privileges. 
This is totally avoidable as there is a choice to claim and if it is not affordable it at that time, do not claim.  This is a good lesson in life overall.


Default Policy: You declare your intent to purchase when you claim an item.  Failure to pay for items claimed (i.e. default), will result in a social media block/ban and removal of future shopping privileges.  Our business is reserved for our loyal customers.  Thank you for shopping with integrity!
If you are a personal friend, repeat customer, fellow Consultant, or acquaintance, please do not take advantage of our relationship by defaulting on your order or asking for extensions/holds i.e. special circumstances.    #GoldenRule 


Discounts, Giveaways, Hostess Rewards, Loyalty Rewards, & Shop Credits

💋 I won something in a giveaway! How do I redeem my prize?
Congratulations!  If the prize is a giveaway item - it will be mailed to you free of cost.  If you have a pending invoice, it will be shipped with that invoice.

If you win a free item on a live - shipping charges apply.

Examples of prizes offered are: FriYay VIP Group Giveaway and flash Giveaways.  You will be notified via email that your prize has shipped.

💋 I have a Hostess Reward - How do I use it?
Hostess Rewards are applied as a discount to your invoice for items claimed during your Hosted LIVE.  If you do not claim any items during your Hosted LIVE or you claim less than you earned, the balance of Rewards is forfeit.

No holds/substitutions/or future offers implied.   Hostess Rewards can be revoked at our discretion.

💋 I have a Discount/Loyalty Reward/Shop Credit...i.e. a FREE PIECE - How do I use it?
All offers are emailed to you as a promo code and can be redeemed ONLY on a single order placed at only.  

Please follow instructions given in the email to redeem.  No substitutions are implied or available. 

NOTE: Your discount will not appear until you reach the final checkout/payment window.

💋 Can I have Discount/LoyaltyReward/Shop Credit...i.e. FREE PIECE  applied to my invoice?
All offers are redeemed at only.  These are offered as a courtesy and your understanding is appreciated.

💋 Why are offers only given as links to use on your website?
To provide the flexibility of selecting item(s) of your choice and at a time most convenient for you, we offer promo codes to redeem at your leisure.

💋 Do offers expire?
Great news!  Offers do not expire.  Limited time use codes will be clearly stated (i.e. free shipping over a weekend) as to when they expire and cannot be retroactively applied.

💋 Can I lose my offer?
Defaulting on an invoice for Code of Conduct or Non-Payment will forfeit all implied, accrued, or intended rewards.  We reserve the right to cancel or revoke any promo code without explanation or notification at our discretion.

💋 I want to use a Discount/Shop Credit/Loyalty Reward...FREE PIECE to get a totally FREE order- can I?
If you receive a Discount/Shop Credit/Loyalty Reward it cannot be used to create a no-cost order to be mailed to you for free- shipping charges will apply. 

Please enjoy our offers in the spirit in which they are provided, as courtesy items, not 'freebie' opportunities. 

💋 What is a qualifying website order for an offer or discount?
A qualifying website order requires a minimum of items matching your discount and shipping to be paid at the time of checkout.  

💋 Why do I have to pay shipping if the item is free?
If you receive a $5 shop credit and you order $5, the shipping cost of $3.75 will now create an order of $8.75.  The discount was intended for $5 only. This is more than your intended offer.  If there is a request to ship the offer for free, you are asking for more than your discount.  Therefore, in order to avoid loss and still offer incentives, shipping is required.  

💋 Do I have to buy something to get a reward/prize/promo code?
I do not offer incentives where you must purchase to qualify.  The only exception for reward qualification is the 'Buy 12 Get 1 Free' Loyalty Rewards, sanctioned by Paparazzi and intended as a thank you to our customers for their loyalty.

💋 How do I get my Loyalty Reward offer for Buy 12 Get 1 Free?
Once you are enrolled in our Loyalty Reward program and you buy pieces either online or via a Live, you will be emailed a "punch" per piece.  You will earn a free $5 item for every 12 $5 items you purchase.

Once you reach 12 "punches" you will be notified that your punches are redeemed by Loyalty Rewards (a separate website we use to virtually track this incentive program) and you will be sent an email from Gem Box Accessories with a promo code equal to your Loyalty Rewards BY THE END OF EVERY MONTH.  Please no emails regarding if these codes have been sent.

We will publicly post in our Facebook Business Page AND Facebook VIP Group that all Loyalty Rewards have been emailed. 

Please note: Once your Loyalty rewards have been claimed, this resets your Loyalty Reward accrual count.  

💋 Can I use more than one promo code (for example, FREE SHIPPING)?
Only one offer/promo code may be used at a time.  Thank you for your understanding.

💋 I purchased before I signed up for the Loyalty Rewards, can I apply that?
All Loyalty Rewards are auto-calculated for every $5 spent at time of signup.  These cannot be retroactively applied.

💋  I want to use a Discount/Shop Credit/Loyalty Reward AND get Free Shipping- Can I?
Shipping will apply to any website order that redeems an offer.  You may only use one offer/promo code at a time so please decide which you prefer.

💋  Oops! I forgot to give you my Discount/Shop Credit/Loyalty reward and I've already paid- Can I use it on my paid order?
We are unable to retroactively apply any offers to paid orders.  As your discounts do not expire, please feel free to use it during your next shopping opportunity.

💋 I want to join your Loyalty Rewards- How do I sign up?
If you want to join our Buy 12 get 1 Free Loyalty Program, you may sign up HERE.

Code of Conduct

💋  I'm not happy with something- What can I do?
Our goal is to provide excellent service and accurate orders.  Our margin of error is less than 5%.  Shop with confidence.  We also take immense pride in our positive outreach, helpful customer service, and prompt attention to any concerns.  We go above and beyond to offer A+ Diamond level service!
However, if there is a concern, please reach us via email at 
Please allow up to 72 hours for a reply.  Please also review this FAQ, our Shipping and Return policies as it may apply to your order.

NOTE:  ANY rude, demeaning, sarcastic, passive aggressive, 'poor choice' behavior while engaging with Gem Box Accessories will result in deletion and auto-block/ban.  We reserve the right to preserve the positive, uplifting atmosphere of our content.  This includes all Social Media platforms.  Ask yourself before you engage: Is this going to bless or burden?

There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for rudeness or lack of mature communication skills.
Be respectful and communicate with us in a manner appropriate to a business setting.  Be aware that your concerns do not warrant or justify anger, passive-aggressiveness, threats, profanity, or poor conflict resolution to be a part of your communication.  We will always be a voice of respectful professionalism to you.  It may be a lost art, but using someone's name and speaking courteously in an email are a sign of intelligence and class

In written communication, it is always welcome if you use etiquette such as:
  1. Appropriate punctuation & grammar
  2. Utilizing full sentences
  3. Avoiding all caps & profanity
  4. Recognizing rudeness in blunt sentences like 'WHEREs my order'
    In an ideal transaction, we prefer our customers to be courteous and professional.  However, due to lack of internet manners, there are many keyboard warriors out there who have forgotten to be respectful or have learned that being aggressive might serve their purpose.

    Let us be clear, If there is acting out in any way, we will no longer engage, all transactions will be cancelled/refunded, and a block/ban will occur without preemptive warning.  By ordering or engaging with Gem Box Accessories in any form, there is an implicit agreement to this statute of behavior. 
    NOTE TO CONSULTANTS:  If you give unsolicited business advice, it shows poor taste.  Your professionalism should be present at all times as ours will be.  ANY threatening, angry, or emotionally charged behavior from a Paparazzi Consultant will result immediately in cancellation/refund of invoices/orders & block/ban on social media.  If warranted, we will submit a documented report to Paparazzi Compliance.


    We love being a Paparazzi Consultant and do it for the joy. The sale for us, is secondary to the humanity of our business.  There isn't a sale amount worth being treated less than we deserve. #BeTheGoodYouSeek 

    If you've gotten this far- thank YOU for being thorough.  We post this information to be clear and provide you with answers to common questions.

    We respect your time and business and thrive on providing excellent service.  

    We appreciate YOU and will do our best to provide an A+ shopping experience.  We are happy to be your Paparazzi resource !

    Hello You!

    Exclusive Offers & Promos