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If you love Paparazzi's jewelry- why not share it and earn some for FREE?  As a hostess you will receive a free piece of jewelry for every 10 that sells during your event!

You never know what friends you'll make- these are real women who have hosted their own party and are #PaparazziProud!  I'd love to add you to the group of happy women enjoying their jewelry.

Take a look:


As a Hostess you won't have to have a long, detailed group on Facebook or invite everyone you know- just those you think would love $5 jewelry! To host a party and learn more about the benefits of being a Hostess- get in touch with us!

To be a Hostess for Gem Box Accessories all you need to do is:

1.  LOVE Paparazzi $5 Jewelry- easy, right?
2.  Be willing to share an Event on Facebook in your Honor
3.  Share some of your favorite memories, goals, etc with me so I can honor YOU!
4.  Attend a LIVE on Facebook that airs in your honor and be my special Guest!

Sound fun?  It really is!  I'll share the jewelry, you get the praise and FREE bling- let me honor you and your wonderful qualities- fill out the quick form and I'll create a party you and your friends will really enjoy!  

Hello You!

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