Paparazzi Jewelry | Thank You For Shopping With Gem Box Accessories | Your Order is Appreciated!

Paparazzi Jewelry | Thank You For Shopping With Gem Box Accessories | Your Order is Appreciated!



You have this in your order as a personal thank you for shopping with Gem Box Accessories, Paparazzi Jewelry with Tianne.  

If you receive an invoice, please remember:

1.  All invoices due upon receipt and DELETE in 48 hours.  This returns your items to my inventory.  I'm not able to recall invoices.  Please be timely in paying for your chosen pieces.  Remember, someone else probably wanted what you claimed - be mindful and only claim what you truly want and will pay for.

2.  If you are a Paparazzi Consultant or are new and fail to pay, this ensures a permanent social media/shopping block/ban. 

Please have integrity and not take advantage of others by shopping and not paying.  I do report nonpaying Consultants to Paparazzi Compliance as this is negligent behavior on your part.  I am far too present on social media and reliably invoice every Friday so there is zero rationale to say to me: "Oops, I forgot".

3.  I am unable to delay, hold, or rollover invoices.  I only invoice once a week and this gives you time to remember what you can afford that week.  Show self restraint and not claim what you cannot afford.  Even if you are a teammate, friend, or neighbor - I do not make exceptions for any non-payers and will block/ban.  Do not bring this upon yourself, please.  It's deeply uncomfortable for me.

There are thousands of Consultants you could choose - I appreciate you choosing me! 

I promise to always be the best Paparazzi Consultant you could find.  If you love this jewelry and want to join my Paparazzi family, please know you will LOVE the business side of Paparazzi!

Join Paparazzi and save 45% on your jewelry HERE.

In the meantime, thank you again and I hope you have a happy day!


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