Paparazzi Jewelry - Black Diamond Exclusive Life of the Party Items


These gorgeous pieces are all re-releases via Consultants who have accessed incredible Life of the Party Black Diamond Access!ย  Enjoy these stunners as they are exclusive and hard to find - You'll see they sell out quickly, so join our VIP group to see WHEN these best-sellers make their comeback!

Paparazzi described this amazing incentive best at it's inauguration in 2018:
"When we launched the Life of the Party program a few short years ago, we had one โ€“ ONE โ€“ Life of the Party member with Gold Access. The awestruck faces of the audience as they realized that there was a Consultant who had accumulated 15,000 PV in one year was something weโ€™ll never forget.

You could practically see the dream boards being created as you committed to walking the stage as a Life of the Party member the following year.

The next year was incredible, as we not only crowned over 20 Life of the Party members with Gold Access, but honored our very first Platinum Life of the Party members. Then we raised the bar even higher with the announcement of Diamond Access. Last year, you exceeded every expectation we had, as we celebrated six Consultants reaching Diamond Access. As you have all seen, this year that number has grown more than ten times!

This is what we mean when we say that ASPIRING to become a better version of yourself inspires those around you. The growth we are celebrating is all because YOU have dared to dream a little bigger, and that you have believed that a better life is possible!

Get ready to make some room on those dream boards, because the bar has just been raised again. Introducing the Life of the Party with Black Diamond Access!

To become the Life of the Party with Black Diamond Access, you will need to accumulate 75,000 PV between July 1st and June 30th. As a Life of the Party member with Black Diamond Access, youโ€™ll receive everything our Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Access members receive, plus an unbelievably brilliant new crown! But weโ€™re not stopping thereโ€ฆ

For the best of the best, we wanted to do something truly extraordinary. With Black Diamond Access, you will get to select one of your favorite Paparazzi pieces to come back for an encore. Your chosen piece will even be stamped with Black Diamond Access approval in the Back Office.
Not only that, your teams will be the only ones to have access to that item for 48 hours before itโ€™s released to the masses. This is a game changer!

Weโ€™ll keep raising the bar if you keep pushing. You never know whatโ€™s next!"

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