Style Blog: Layered Neutral Patterns - Leopard, Plaid & Feathers

Style Blog: Layered Neutral Patterns - Leopard, Plaid & Feathers - Gem Box Accessories
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If I could get away with wearing jeans and a waffle-weave henley every day of my life, I would - do you have a simple outfit you love?  My favorite clothing items are soft, easy to care for, and in a simple cut.  Yet, neutrals are speaking to me lately - I feel I need to classify my look and pare it down to well-made neutrals to layer. 

Here's a quick look I pulled together with some of my favorite patterns - leopard, plaid, and feathers.  They're all neutrals and I loved how even with diverse pattern structure, in the same color scheme - it works.  

I started with the textures - a cutout neckline on a georgette blouse underneath a waffle-weave cotton cardigan.  Cream and darker cream on top of each other, with a bit of feather pattern to break up the solid color scheme.  I love feathers - they are happy to me.  Although both items I'm wearing are out of stock, I connected links in bold to pieces that are very similar.
Sleeves on layers are fun when you can casually roll them over a watch or pile of bangles.  I chose a geometric cuff - which I'll share here in a bit.
Instead of a jacket, I chose this iconic plaid for my scarf.  It's a poncho, but I wanted it to be a little warmer, so I wrapped it around my neck.  The fringe keeps it from being too dated and I paired it with this pebble-grain leather crossbody bag in medium brown.
I love switching out bags and using a small crossbody for a day.   I can seriously just pop in my wallet, a pair of sunglasses, gum, and off I go.  
I'm not ready to give in to winter and there was such a pretty bright light to the afternoon - Oh Fall, stick around, won't you?  Instead of boots, I chose these open toed stacked heel sandals in a soft leopard with embroidered flowers.  Were these comfy?  Ah well....I love a 3" heel and these weren't meant for a marathon, but they were so cute- it was perfect for a quick run to Starbucks.

The rich red on the floral embroidery pulled in the red striping on the plaid poncho - keeping it harmonious and yet not too distracting that it would awkwardly stand out.
My makeup was easy and light - I used this Tarte palette, something similar can be found here for my eyeshadow, brows, contour, and blush.  I used a liquid liner for a simple winged cat-eye and mascara. 

For lips, this is my go-to lip color, it's a pale champagne nude over a darker shade giving it a big of depth without a lipliner.  The underneath layer is this Urban Decay shade 1993 with this Anastasia shade Pure Hollywood on top.
Next on the list, you know I've gotta have my Paparazzi jewelry - I love these Art-Deco inspired pieces with the bits of angles and geometric shapes and the glittering strands of gold.  It was all so fun- but classic, so not one piece stole the show.

Bracelet - Textile Tango - Gold
Necklace - Backstage Bravado - Gold
Earrings - Terra Trek - Black

This is probably one of my favorite Paparazzi bracelets and necklaces.  I love gold and it's a great accessory choice for this year.  It's a rich hue that takes your look up a notch compared to the more cool undertone of silver.
Surprisingly, the necklace isn't a choker but with the extender, it lays so nicely just above the collarbone.  It's really perfect.  The layers of chains give it a more expensive feel - I love the style of it.  

The bracelet is deceptively cool.  Each link is connected by silicone stretch bands so you have an ease in wearing it, but it looks like a solid piece.
I've also recently cut my hair shorter with a more tomboy look - lots of layers with a shaved side - you can see a bit of the unicorn highlights peeking through.  Here's a closer look at the earrings.  The softened triangular edges layered like plates of black and gold really speak to me.  I think these are fantastic.  So boutique "cool right now" but Paparazzi has the price point just right.

See how lovely that necklace is?
In the photo below, you can see behind me the pumpkin croquettes as I'm getting my table ready for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  It's not Christmas-time just yet!

Now you can see the jewelry all together.  That bracelet is really pretty and I felt like all of the shapes together looked cohesive.  Great thing about those earrings is that they aren't heavy at all!
Here's the whole look with the neutrals layered.  You can't really pick out one single pattern and that was the goal I had in mind.  Somehow, with all of these busy elements, the singular color palette of taupe/ivory/black makes them work.

For the last layer, I have on simple, fitted black washed jeans.  They're distressed black jeggings with frayed ends that I cuffed slightly.  I love the skinny jean cut but since these have a bit of lycra, that stretch makes them comfy and have a more loose fit.

Now did I wear those sandals all day?  I'm proud to announce when Jeff and I went to dinner (Olive Garden, Zuppa Toscana is so so sooo perfect for chilly Fall days), I wore furry slip-ons.  C'est la vie, right?

Hopefully, wherever you are, Fall is easing into a lovely transition into Winter and you're not too chilly!  Try throwing a blanket scarf over your jacket or finding a cute pair of booties to match your favorite bag.  Wherever you are - have a wonderful Tuesday!

As for me, I'm getting ready to go live tonight at 6pm MST and show some fab jewelry.  I have seed bead earrings and some lovely acrylic earrings on the way.  Come join me and I'll see you tonight!


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