Style Blog: Winter White & Gold Christmas Decor Inspiration - Currently Obsessed!

Style Blog: Winter White & Gold Christmas Decor Inspiration - Currently Obsessed! - Gem Box Accessories
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As the holidays approach, I can't help but get inspired for all the pretty home decor and tablescapes that amazing designers dream up.  I'm currently loving the white & gold theme, like sunlight on snow.  It's my heartthrob love for all things Christmas and holiday this year.

To start, who doesn't love a gorgeous huge gold mirror?  If you haven't read the kingdom mirror story  yet - take a second and read it, I promise it will make you laugh so hard.    Since there's only ONE of those - I still love a big ol' gold mirror.  I secretly wish I was Marie Antoinette.  Add a beautifully lit flocked tree and I'm in heaven.  

Things I am loving this season are: Cable knits, Olive leaves, Flocked pine, white porcelain Villages, and all the dreamy snowy things...take a look!

How dreamy are those Fair Isle gold tipped hurricane lamps?  Sigh.

Olive leaves have a deep significance to me.  They are scattered on the stained glass designs of the Rome Temple and every time I walk Palatine Hill, I press an olive leaf into the book I'm reading.  I love their symbolism of Christ and to me, that is Christmas.

I want to layer them on to tables, on the mantle, and sprays onto lace napkins for the table.  This beautiful table reminds me of Trastevere, our favorite area of Rome.  

I adore that cable knit runner - I was looking for one and found some cute macrame ones on Etsy.  Hopefully this one at Crate and Barrel will come back in stock.  Love the leopard Dior china.  It reminds me of my sister.

My front porch is going to literally steal that pine cone topiary idea and the large black lanterns.  I love the trio of wreaths!

Every image is clickable and I'll share photos of our Christmas decor soon.   We haven't gotten it out yet - but I wanted to grab a few of these to update our dining room this year.  We always go out of town for Thanksgiving so I'll have to put things up before we go. 

Thanks for taking a look and happy holidays!

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