Paparazzi Sales Leadership Training: Secrets of Success! Overcome Doubts, Fears, Mistakes, & Struggles to Grow Your Direct Sales Business!

Paparazzi Sales Leadership Training: Secrets of Success! Overcome Doubts, Fears, Mistakes, & Struggles to Grow Your Direct Sales Business! - Gem Box Accessories
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We've all been there.  You join Paparazzi, you're full of faith and fire and then somewhere along the way you become defeated, feel lost, or overwhelmed.  You begin comparing yourself to Consultants who seem to be doing better than you. You feel like a failure and wish success could be yours too.  How do they do it?  "Is it me?" you ask and a sinking feeling inside whispers it's you that's truly not good enough.  You begin to think that maybe this isn't for you after all.


Take heart, my friend.  These fears and doubts attack ALL of us - yes, even that Consultant who seems to have it all.  Let's have an in depth-discussion on the common struggles, doubts, fears and mistakes out there that Paparazzi Consultants face and the cures to each of them.


Get ready for some real talk, direct honesty, and accurate advice from a Consultant who is just like you - trying to do her best and lift her business to new heights.  I might seem like the one who has it all, but it took time and a lot of personal growth to get to where I am and guess what?!  I'm not satisfied!  I still want more and learn every day.  That's a golden piece of info right there - you may think when you're Elite, selling "hundos" of pieces, and earning free trips that it's easy street...let me assure you, you'll still be hungry.  So how do we get there and overcome our fears, doubts and struggles?  I'm here to help.  Let's grow, explore, and learn together. 


Please know this article is not intended to be a quick read.  It's designed to be taken a bit at a time, with reflection on how you can readjust.  Rome wasn't built in a day.  Give yourself grace and you'll be amazed at what you can do.

Here are Common Struggles, Doubts, Mistakes, or Fears Paparazzi Consultants Face
REAL TALK on How To Overcome Them:


1. You feel like you aren't growing fast enough and find yourself expecting more from your business than your life allows.

Realize where you are RIGHT NOW and let go of what you think you SHOULD be. Take a genuine assessment of what you CAN do throughout the week and check on your progress each Monday. Follow up on your weekly progress.  Don't expect big huge whopping leaps of sales and customers.  It's a trickle effect, a few at a time that compound over months to become a group.  Be patient.  Look for where you can improve and make adjustments as you go.  This is a learned art called self-reflection.  It will serve you as the guidepost of your business.  Try, Work, Learn, Improve, Repeat.  That's the secret.


If things are improving, that is success! It takes time and must fit your real life schedule - Your path will not mirror another's - carve your own from your real life.  If you're a homeschooling mom of 3 with a part-time job it will not be as easy for you to build a Paparazzi business as a stay-at-home empty nester with time on her hands.  Be realistic and only do what you can.  It's not a race and your life will not always be this busy or to where you can be now and let it grow.


Also please learn the skill of self-awareness and if you can't give the time it takes to reach a certain rank/goal, then make peace with that and do what you can with the time you do have. You may be suprised at the success you get when you get to workin' and quit wishin'.


2. You begin comparing yourself to others and worrying the problem is you.

Do you see the behind the scenes of that person's life? Do they have more free time they can put in and give them the chance to go live longer and more often? Chances are, there is more to their success than what you see and it came at a price. Are you willing to pay that price too to get where they are? Hours invoicing, time away from family, disrupted schedule - this is work, that's why it's a business and not a hobby.


It's smart to take a look at those you see as 'better' or higher performing and take pointers - but don't let it make you feel bad about yourself. Write down what resonates with you and see them as a teacher - not your competition.  Grab the good stuff and put it into what you do.  That's what training is for! Incorporate what you admire as you can into your business and life and then let it go. There is no forced way to win in this business but it won't come to you at all if you wish yourself into someone else. What can YOU do TODAY? Focus on that and DO IT.


Don't waste your time watching someone else and feeling bad about yourself.  Instead, use your energy to develop what is yours and yours alone.  Get that haircut, start that workout, try that makeup, style that outfit...copy what you see in others until it's natural within yourself.  That's what learning is all about!  You think women like Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani knew how to be the stars they are?  No, they took the talent they had and over time with the help of stylists and agents they became multi-millionaire women of influence.  

See yourself as deserving of reaching the potential you have.  There is never going to be nor has there ever been the unique matchup of DNA that makes YOU.  Even identical twins are not the same people.  it is my personal deeply rooted belief that we are solely on this earth to realize the potential God has placed within us.  When you see yourself as truly someone with unlimited capability and you don't mind trying new things until it feels natural, you will truly overcome your obstacles.  Because, guess what?  Those obstacles aren't even real, you just think they are.  When you change what you think - you will be what you want........because you'll finally take the steps to get there.  Go get 'em.  You are worth it.

3. You look to other Consultants to figure out how they are successful only to fangirl, over-train and/or just sit doing nothing for your own business.

How many training videos are you going to watch before you go live yourself or start building your website or showing products or signing up for Fashion Fix?  How many times are you going to buy from that WOW Consultant hoping to be near to them or get that piece?  How long are you going to hoard info until you do something with it?


All you're doing is boosting someone else's business when you give them your time. Don't rob yourself. Muster the inner will to face your fears and go live. Make the time to share a few items a few times a week. People won't know you sell Paparazzi until you do.  It's great to make friends and champion those Consultants you admire, but don't do it at your expense.  There is an interesting celebrity dynamic in the Paparazzi culture that can be a distraction.  Love that fierce Consultant you admire, but don't lose sight of why you joined - be a Consultant yourself.


You are not unworthy or flawed or so new that you can't just grab the day and go for it.  Are you aware of the Resources in your Back Office - the Habits of Success, New Consultant Checklist, Business Success Plan, Leadership Worksheet, Monthly Newsletters with Founder don't need to watch someone on YouTube to figure this all out.  It's right there in your Back Office! 

Please put aside the thinking that there is something you must learn or discover before you can begin.  Just begin.  If you have a question - awesome, ask me or better yet, take charge and Google it.  Then, practice it. It's a colossal waste of time to hoard knowledge only to sit on it.  No one is going to look into a crystal ball to tell you what to do.  You have to start doing active income-driving practices (i.e. selling) in order to figure out where you need to grow.  Think of all the hours you spent reading and watching someone else - what could you have been DOING for yourself?


Take that info you've learned and put it into action to avoid wasting your time and promoting someone else's views.  All you need is already available, the search is over.  It's time to do it.


4. You feel low inside and begin to talk down your talents and capabilities.

Now is the time to take a genuine look at your behaviors. Do you have a negative tape running in your head? Is your first reaction to someone's success is to feel bad about not being there too or feel that stab of wishing you had what they've got?  Do you get critical of yourself or others? Do you immediately push aside something with the dialogue of "I can't do THAT" or "Of course THEY can do it, look at THEM and what they can do...that's not me!"  


If you find yourself weakening in the face of trials or utilizing self-coping behaviors like avoiding something, putting it off, getting bitter, or telling yourself negative ways you don't measure up - now is your time to grow up and out of those things.  Is this harsh?  No.  If you're over 18 and you are using immature methods to deal with your life and keep you down, it's about time someone told you to put on your big girl panties and deal with it.  Mama, this is foolishness you're dealing with!  You're about bigger and better than that!  Besides, the world has enough drama-llamas....You're here to be the best YOU, aren't you?  It's time.  Let's do this.


It's not easy to change habits and the market of self-help is one of the most lucrative - why? People don't believe in themselves and can't figure out how to fix it.  They are blind to realizing that all of what they need is already within themselves but they are blocking it.  Success IS rare, but it's not impossible.  We see this play out all the time.  People sabotage their success a million times more than any who actually reach the top.  If this weren't true we'd all be Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Taylor Swift, or Oprah Winfrey.  But we're not.  Why?  Because you get in your own way.  You hold yourself back out of fear, comparison, anger, or self-doubt.  You think you're stuck.  You quit.  Your inner dialogue is the soundtrack to your life story.  Let's pull out of this, shall we?


Let me share a secret: You will feel better and learn better when you practice doing better despite your emotions, every day, no matter what.  If you wait until you feel like it, you'll die waitin' and in the meantime, those braver souls are passin' you by.


Next time you think you can't - say out loud YOU CAN. When something intimidates you or scares you, DO IT ANYWAY at the level you are at. You may find you did more than you initially thought you could.  Keep staring your fears down until they don't scare you.  That's why cowboys used to say, "Get right back in the saddle" because they knew if you let a horse buck you off for good, you'd never ride again.  Climb up, pardner!


It is important to be wise and learn to evaluate yourself, how you talk, how you behave, and find ways to pull out of putting yourself down. I often tell myself that if I wouldn't say that to my daughter or best friend, I have ZERO business saying that to myself.


No one is immune to self-doubt, fear, and worry. Those who succeed are the ones who refuse to sit in it and do something about it. Start therapy, read a self-help book, start fighting that negative self-talk with the positive opposite, and climb up and out of that pit of failure. Your business and life will only be as good as you allow it to be. This is up to you. Not your husband, bank account, children, sponsor, clergy, therapist, or job. People do it with less than you've got right now. Get out there.


No one can do this but you and YOU ARE WORTH IT.  If you don't believe that, you are the one keeping your business from growing and getting better.  As an adult, be responsible for your development and ACTIVELY find ways to unlearn these behaviors you engage in that are keeping you from feeling good about yourself and achieving your goals.  When you take time to conquer those issues - you will find the success you admire in others within yourself.

5. You want it so badly but it's not coming fast enough and when it doesn't go the way you think it should, you want to quit.

Let's get real.  There are less than 50 Consultants out of almost 400k who in less than 6 months are Elite or making $50k annually doing Paparazzi. To see average Paparazzi earnings, please see the official income disclosure statement HERE.  Usually this kind of superstar trajectory happens because they are a 'first' or unique. This is NOT typical or even to be expected.


I can't begin to tell you how many Consultants join on fire and within 3 months brand themselves a failure or say "this isn't working out for me."  My first question is: What were you expecting out of this?

Often I'll get the answer that their husband/family/etc doesn't approve, they didn't make money, or they bought inventory that isn't selling/have the same old pieces no one wants, or lastly, it's been a certain amount of time and they're disappointed with where they're at and feel like quitting.


The answer to all of the above is NOT quitting - although you might think it's time to throw in the towel.  The answer is: YOU WERE EXPECTING SOMETHING THAT DOESN'T EXIST and evaluating your success on a false idea.  It's time to recognize what is REAL and go from there.  Imagine a year from now where you could be if you don't quit?  It's like everyone thinks they're going to make gads of money out of nowhere....guys, it takes time and some technique, or else we'd have 400 thousand Bling Bosses.  I can't promise you that success is yours no matter what.  However, I can promise you that success will never come to those who throw it away.  

Let's defeat these excuses one at a time:


a.  Husband/Family/Etc are un-supportive:  This is common.  As a matter as fact if you have strong support, that's unusual.  Many of the Consultants you see making a killing had to convince everyone around them that this was serious, worthwhile, and faced opposition before they became successful.  I'm one of them.  Have I gotten laughed at, joked about, criticized, and put down?  Oh, you betcha!  I just don't give a rip because I know the TRUTH - which is this is a gold mine and I have to keep going.  Your goal to overcome this challenge of having a fan club of zero is to evaluate your relationships with clarity and stand up for yourself.  Only you can decide the dynamics of your relationships and the only person you can change is yourself.  You must cheer yourself on, because there will be times when you are the only one.  Accept that and it won't surprise you when it happens. Let it fuel your fire.


Most people who allow others to determine their happiness will find opposition as they embark on their goals.  Read that again.  Why is this?  Because others were comfortable with the you they know and you allowed them to keep you there.  Ouch.  But it's true.  Think about it.  Once you shake things up, it gets uncomfortable because you're changing into someone all of those people don't recognize.  That's okay, they'll like the new you even more and if they don't, well take a good look at that relationship and it's value.  You might outgrow a few people.


Is this hard?  Yes.  Recognize that it will be difficult and set short term goals so you feel your success and declare these achievements with pride to those around you.   It's a harsh reality to realize that often times you will cheer the loudest for yourself until others get the picture.  Find that inner resolve - you should anyway, business aside, because you'll never be happy unless you believe in yourself and are surrounded with those who lift you up.


b.  You didn't make money:  Dollars to donuts I could take a look at your Facebook profile and your Business Page and your VIP group (if you have all of those) and Paparazzi won't be there or it's been a while.


It could also be that you're still new (under 6 months) and haven't followed the outline of how to succeed and thought you'd be an exception or didn't need to do all of that.  Well, you reap what you sow.  If this sounds harsh, it's not meant to, but there is a reason for the cliche, 'the truth hurts'.  You now have two choices - you can quit or can learn.  I prefer to learn and I think you do too.


There is a consistent (i.e. regular practice that you don't flake on) pattern to successful Consultants versus those who struggle.  If you're not making money, it's not because you are a failure, it's because you need to change your habits.  There are far too many Consultants making money and growing for you to buy in to the idea that it's not a profitable option for you.  Ask yourself:

  1. Do I go live at least 2x's a week with a fun attitude, professional appearance, good lighting, and let people know I'm live (i.e. post on Facebook or Instagram or via text/email) ahead of time?
  2. Do I order inventory following the smart method of 'sell 2, buy 1 and save 10%' to avoid burnout and debt?
  3. Do I post an album of products each week?
  4. Do I follow up on comments and likes by inviting people to 'Like' my Business Page?
  5. Do I talk about the opportunity of joining Paparazzi every live or at least once a week?

If you aren't doing these things, you won't make money.  Why?  Because you are running a business that is invisible.  People won't get bored of your lives if you're not boring.  People won't get tired of your products if you show new items.  People won't join Paparazzi unless you tell them how and reinforce you are a leader.  People won't shop with you if they can't find you.  If doing these things doesn't interest you, why did you buy a kit?  Ask yourself your WHY and start evaluating your current performance with honesty - no excuses.  On the other side of that self-assessment lies your success.

c.  Your inventory isn't selling or moving: When was the last time you showed it and are you showing it the same ol' way?  Do you participate in any quick boosts like flash sales (under 15 minutes, 10-15 items), do you show photos of New Releases?  Do you get creative and show what you have as a set or offer a this or that?  What about a giveaway or a selfie?  If you see top Consultants doing something, copy that. Please remember that owning a business isn't something that comes naturally for most people and where you are now isn't your end result and welcoming fresh methods is how you improve.  Start doing something different if you want different results.

Ten Easy Ideas on How to Move Inventory

1.  Show a macro close-up shot of detail next to the stock photo.  Post on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.  Don't have those social media platforms yet?  Get them.  You're missing your audience by focusing one one outlet i.e. Facebook.
2.  Show two similar pieces and ask which one customers prefer?  Get creative, wear them, post the stock photo, or find a pretty landscape that matches - make a collage and have FUN!  Unleash your inner marketeer!
3.  Pair as a set or matching pieces.  Lay them on a pretty background (Contact paper on Amazon is easy, fab, and looks great)...add some flowers or glitter.  Post it.
4.  Do a Flash sale - 10 pieces in 10 minutes.
5.  Play a game live with your customers so that it feels like more than just one piece of jewelry after another.
6.  Develop a website and use keywords (paparazzi, jewelry, bling, earrings, etc) to boost your product being seen (this is called SEO marketing) and upload your products.  Read a quick article on how to do this if you feel unsure.
7.  Show Blockbusters and explain why they sell - learn to teach about your products so people will show an interest or feel they are getting new info.
8.  You don't have to buy more inventory - find New Releases and post the image of them and offer to order them for customers.  If you show new things and also show old things, you will look current and won't feel stale. 
9.  Find an outfit you love and pair pieces you have with it.  Show how pearls look great with neutrals like black, navy, red, and tan.  Show how beads look fresh with stripes and dots and may be lost in busy patterns.  Be a stylist so ladies can see the jewelry as more than something to 'buy'.  
10.  Bring your talent to the table - do you sing, play an instrument, know a trade?  Wear your jewelry and perform your talent.  Let people see you as a multi-faceted person and want to be a part of what you're doing.  If you inspire, you will have followers and followers will want to support you.  This is called being an influencer and it's a successful method to grow.

d.  You're disappointed with your progress so far and want to quit:  Oh boy, THIS is the doozy.  This is the absolute death knell to every Direct Sales rep or Paparazzi Consultant.  Why?  You look at where you are and you're let down.  Shouldn't this be easier?  Shouldn't you be selling more?  Someone else is selling the same stuff but in greater quantity - why isn't it me?  I'll never be that successful...that's it, I'm done!  Hey, sound familiar?

Please know there is a trick to overcoming this.  Are you ready?  Here it is - the magic you've been waiting for......drum roll..............


If that feels less than well, magical....that's a good thing.  There is no magic.  There is only effort and time.  Let me share with you what I've seen in my years of being a Paparazzi Consultant and a leader:


1.  Not enough time to grow- It takes at least six months to a year of consistent (not scattered or attempted but consistent) effort of bi-weekly lives, weekly albums, and customer engagement on social media to see regular sales and a growing team.  If you are thinking of quitting before a year, you're not giving yourself enough time.  You wouldn't run on a half-healed broken leg, would you?  Don't limp yourself out of your success in this case either.  Give yourself time.  You'll need it to learn how to manage a ton of orders and customer requests...imagine packaging 400 pieces a week?  That's the type of output you will expect as a Consultant making thousands.  You will need the slow and steady pace of growth to get used to handling increasing volume.  See your progress as a learning opportunity instead of beating yourself up for where you're not.  

2.  Those that quit early are the type that had false expectations of what they could do.  It could be that you thought you'd have a certain type or amount of support and didn't become self-reliant.  You could crumble easily when things get tough and worry yourself to death.  You could be under-estimating the time it takes because someone successful made it look easy.  You've not taken advice from those who actually succeed because you don't agree or are uncomfortable.  I've fallen prey to all of this myself.  I see ladies who join after me hit Elite before me and I feel like I offer professionalism, consistency, and great leadership and for the life of me, can't see why I didn't get there too like they did.  It's natural to bang your head and ask why.  Give yourself that moment and then (this is crucial) get to work.  When you quit checking how long it's been since your last sale or viewer and you just joyfully do what you need to each day - you'll surprise yourself how far you've come.  Remember that New Consultant you used to be that didn't know how to log in or buy New Releases?  Have you given yourself credit for your progress?  Let that sink in and let things develop as they will.  When you force it, it won't come.  Tricky, yes...but true.

3. Unsure Of How To Use Social Media: You can have the best products in the world that won't sell unless you have an audience.  So many new consultants worry about low live views, albums that don't gain momentum, or social media followers that just don't seem to show up.  Girl, you just got started.  Nordstrom doesn't even sell out and they are top of the crop...why do you think you will sell out on all of your pieces on week 3?  Darlin' you need eyeballs on your inventory or you won't sell squat.

Let's examine how to build a social media presence:

1.  Have a Facebook profile set to public, a Business Page, and a VIP group.  Post daily with intent to engage with people...respond to them, talk to them.  Make this a daily habit.
2.  Utilize other platforms and learn how to cross-post.  Have no idea what that means?  Try googling "How to post on Instagram and Facebook" and see what you find.  Dig into Google until you find something that makes sense.  When you use the internet to find your info, congratulations you now have a PhD in Google...that's called owning your business!  Try looking at the following social media platforms: TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, VSCO, Blogspot, Wix, Wordpress and see how you can use them to post and share your products.  You don't have to use them all - but if you want to sell, sell, sell - why not give it a go?
3.  Use keywords and hashtags that describe your business.  What do you think people type into search engines to find Paparazzi jewelry?  Use those as hashtags when you post on social media.  Every picture, every post, every time.  You are the marketing department of your business...get savvy!
4.  Understand SEO marketing and how to advertise - Try Google AdWords, start an Adsense account, boost a Facebook post.  If this is a foreign language what I am are missing out.  Start looking at how you can advertise your business.
5.  Think like an Influencer - start noticing those who do things that catch your eye.  If it's interesting to you, it will be interesting to others.  Copy what they do until you do it naturally.  


6.  You stall and forget to post and think you have time to catch up.

While you're snoozin' someone else is workin'.  In 2019, the then top Consultant of Paparazzi would say, "No one works harder than me".  If you get that Fashion Fix - show that box NOW.  If you have a new order, pop up your phone/laptop/tablet and go live NOW.  If you consistently wait to show up....someone else is going to be the channel everyone turns to.  Don't throw away your momentum and potential by waiting for the 'right time'.  The right time is NOW. 

Let me say it again:  JUST DO IT NOW.  Pop that box and go live.  Talk it up.  Laugh with people.  Say hello and be happy.  No excuses, just do it! 

7.  You have a sponsor but feel you need more training, encouragement, or support.

Truth Bomb:  You don't need a leash to be led along.  YOU Lead Yourself!  What if your sponsor has a major life change or dies?  What will you do then?  Your sponsor should ethically guide you in the business but no more than 30 days.  That is a typical learning curve for any position worldwide.  If you find yourself unable to fly on your own after 30 days - girl, it's on you.  A reasonable sponsor should show you:

1.  How to use your Back Office, order New Releases, and understand the Compensation Plan.
2.  Be available to guide you in your questions (hint: you come with the questions)
3.  Encourage you to understand the culture of Paparazzi, the lingo/words associated with the business such as PV, OV, Life of the Party, etc.
4.  Guide you to perks like enrolling for Fashion Fix and earning rewards like Crown Club and Life of the Party.
5.  Describe events like Empower Me Pink, Convention, etc so you know how to attend.
6.  Model a successful business that you can emulate

Please know that not all sponsors understand their role and are human.  They could be new too!  If you're wondering what a sponsor should offer if they are a rock star, please click HERE to refresh.  Life happens for all of us and as long as your sponsor is available, willing, and active in their business, that's all they are required to do.  Training, videos, articles like this, emotional support...that's all icing on the cake!  No one owes you all of the knowledge and training you need to succeed.  That, m'dear is yours to develop.  Your sponsor is a support, but not a crutch.

Learn the habits I'm outlining in this article that promote self-reliance so that you can be prepared to offer a top-rate business.   Ultimately you are an Independent Consultant.  You don't work for your upline; you work for yourself.  Learn to fly and leave the nest!

8.  You feel low, need approval, and self-esteem boosts to manage your business.

This is a big, huge toughie.  I'm going to come right out and say it:  If you are seeing your Sponsor and team as a pseudo-therapist, you need to look elsewhere as this is not their role.

Please know that everyone has rough days and a shout out is more than appropriate.  However, if you are regularly waiting for encouragement before you engage in your business or need a push every step of the way - you've got to get it together.  There are civil wars, military unrest, mass starvation, and widespread abuse and torment across the planet and people subject to this survive....thankfully, by and large, this is not your lot.  There is much to be grateful for and being a Consultant is one of them.  Start looking at what you CAN do, what you HAVE, and begin there.  

If you have symptoms of depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem, take appropriate action to combat these challenges.  You aren't less of a person, just don't substitute your team, sponsor, and business for self-awareness and care.  Please know that you will quickly be a drain on those around you if you are in constant need of propping up emotionally.  Let's look at how to strengthen your emotional resolve:

1.  Grab some great self-help books and work through them with intent and self-reflection.  Listen to uplifting music, podcasts, TED talks, motivational speakers...YouTube is a wealth of FREE goodness!
2.  Eat a healthier diet and incorporate 20 minutes of exercise into your life at lest three times a week and get at least 8 hours of sleep a night.
3.  Find your faith and give your heart to God.  Pray for strength and help.
4.  If these feelings are disrupting your life - make that step for your own well-being and discuss it with your doctor or mental health provider.  There is no shame in being treated (A diabetic wouldn't try to 'tough out' their illness) so please get the help you need.
5.  Have a trusted friend, clergy member, or confidante that you can share your feelings with on a weekly basis that can help you.  Journal throughout the week.  Look for ways to pull yourself out of a slump.  Let go of 'circling the drain' thoughts that you know drag you down.  Own thyself.  Master thyself.  


9.  You don't invest in new product or inventory...or worse, you buy too much.

Let's talk about investing in inventory.  How much should you buy and when?  I'll share how I approach it.  Here is my tried and true formula to avoid overbuying and still keep inventory fresh:

  • Sell 2, Buy 1, Save 10% No Matter What!
  • Want to Avoid Overbuying? Post New Release Albums of All Available Pieces Weekly - Buying ONLY what customers claim.

Easy, right?  Please know I do NOT advocate going into debt to secure product.  You might feel the pressure of grabbing those HOT new releases every weekday, but only do that if you can afford to with zero pressure to sell other words, you have money to burn because your income allows you to spend that way.  

If Big Bucks is not you - please know there is a method that is successful and works.  Here is how I go about ordering inventory:

1.  Only order once you have at least 10 products in your order.  That Hostess Reward you get from Paparazzi makes up for the $5.95 shipping to a large degree.  Free $5 product reduces the actual cost of shipping to $0.95 cents.  If you order less than 10 products each time you're throwing away free goodies and paying shipping on top of it.  A tactic that works is to load your cart throughout the week and order on Fridays what is available.  

2.  Do you remember that Hot item you missed 2 weeks ago?  Me neither.  Don't buy into the New Releases craze if you're not at that level.  There is plenty of jewelry available and plenty coming.  Just show what you can and focus on growing your business.  The chance to grab up the hot goodies will come!

3.  If you want to order New Releases like a beast, set your shopping to All Categories, Grid, and Max/Page and log in, ready to buy 10 minutes before your time zone drops New Releases (for me, Utah/Denver time, I have an alarm set for 12:50pm every weekday).  Check out with 10 of the pieces you KNOW will sell right away.  That way you get the hottest pieces no matter what.   

if you'd rather buy more than 10 to complete your order, that's okay too, just know that you risk losing that HOT piece and sometimes having that WOW item makes that $5.95 shipping no big deal.  

Is it true the Consultants with the New Releases sell more?  Yes, it is.  However is it true that Consultants who don't have New Releases sell less?  No.  How does that make sense?  Well, let's say you only order hot pieces - chances are you'll sell them all.  However, if you miss them and order other items, is that a loss?  Hardly!  That yellow pair of earrings that no one bought for 3 weeks might be that vintage piece someone needs next summer.  Product demand comes and goes.  Don't worry.  You'll get there.  Just order what you can afford and follow the formula in red above.  Give it time.

The second half to this concern is overbuying.  Okay so you have inventory that's sitting...what do you do?  Show it live!  Marathon lives are proven to be view grabbing new customer building success stories!  Go live 3x's a week for a minimum of 4 hours each...that'll clear out a ton of inventory.  If that is too much for you, show 10 pieces in 20 minutes every day.  

The idea is to leave a footprint of selling product on a regular basis - that's how you grow views and gain new customers.  Once a week for an hour will get you a slow response. well....more!


10.  You get critical of leaders, Paparazzi, your team, or ooze negativity.

Please know that I'm not asking you to drink the Kool-Aid so to speak.  There is no need to be a lemming and praise everyone and everything to the hilt without rational thought.  I am asking you to cultivate an attitude of optimism.  You can speak with clarity and honesty, but temper it with balanced encouragement and praise.  We need communication - yes, we do, but in a manner that uplifts! 

People will make mistakes, be human, or let you down.  Expect it.  Just don't dish about it or make it a habit to call out everyone and everything you see.  Gossip, nay-saying, complaining, or whining makes YOU look like someone no one likes.  Think of the person you know is a 'Negative Nelly' or 'Debbie Downer'.  Are they fun to be around?  Do you jump to answer their phone calls?   Heck, no! 

Have you wondered if this person is you?  Can you even see that in yourself in case you do? 

Here's a tip to see if you act negative more than what is necessary.  Ask someone you know who will be blunt the following question:  Am I negative? 

Pay attention to their answer - if they hesitate, say things like, "Well no um...", or chirpily say "You speak your mind!"  that's a big warning sign to take stock of.

Their workaround of an answer is a key sign you're being sold a bill of're negative and they either know you'll rip them a new one for admitting it, or you'll tell everyone about how you're not negative and so-and-so said you were, or they know it's not worth trying to get you to see reason so they either lie, cover it up, or avoid being honest.  Either way, it's time to address this habit and make it right.

Another issue is the woe is me Facebook unfiltered overposter.  Are you telling everyone how broke, tired, lonely, fat, or lame you are?  Seriously take a look at your last five posts.  If you have a big box of WHINE on your timeline, customers will flee.  No one likes a train wreck.  Girl, get yourself together.  Put your best foot forward on social media.  It's not about hiding your life or being a false front (that's just as icky) it's about being real without crossing the line.

It's good to be prudent anyhow as most employers and customers will look at your content whether you like it or not.  No one needs to know about your divorce, see surgery photos, watch your walk of shame party pics, or take sides against your ex.  Imagine the people you admire or those that have they behave like you do?  if not, up your game.  Be a light.

Let's get really, REALLY real....if you have to question this in yourself, then yes, you need to work on positivism and personal accountability.  Good news is - there is a fix.

Stop. Control yourself.  Just, stop.

Be like Thumper and remember, "If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say it at all."  It doesn't mean you're giving license to all the fools to run wild or for raging misbehavior to carry just means you're not giving it credence and making it worse or being the one guilty yourself.

I've yet to find a leader that leads by shaming.  I've yet to see anyone improve because they were guilted, gossiped, or ganged up upon to change.  I don't see anyone truly successful who is a hot mess. 

When you want to say something about shipping times, Paparazzi's policies, or someone being your sponsor, a teammate, or come down in judgement - remember this:  You are not perfect and maybe if you were in their shoes, you'd not do any better.

You also have in the policies and procedures (Section 4.14) an agreement that states you will not engage in disparaging remarks.  We have a contractual agreement to be a voice for good!  If you have a concern, take it to the right place by emailing as your Sponsor is not Paparazzi nor is that upline you admire.  Take accountability and handle things according to the chain of command.

We must be a voice for lifting others up as we represent our brand and Paparazzi as a whole.   You can be real (like I am in this post) but remember to make it honest without hurting unjustly.  Of course leaders need to ensure wrong behaviors are handled - but do it privately and professionally.  If you need to 'whip people into shape' be sure to do so in a way that doesn't leave bruised feelings.

Side Note:  There are those who get offended no matter how you couch it and will gang up to voice their woes/hurt feelings when called to task.  This type of passive-aggressive gaslighting is stlil being negative - it's only iced over by claiming to be hurt and demanding apologies or blaming the messenger.  If you get offended by being told the truth, that's your issue to work through.  Plain and simple.  We all have to get it together and face the music when we cause problems or act out.  Be accountable and mature, please.

There should be no room for gossip, dishonesty, rudeness, demeaning, passive-aggressive, mean-girl behavior in your life.  This is especially true if you are a leader.  If a teammate confides in you, respect their privacy. Keep issues contained and do not poison the well by talking poorly of others or letting the bad apple ruin the group.  Speak up and make sure your team is compliant.

If you've gotten away with acting like that and have learned that behavior gets you somewhere it's only because no one cares enough to set you straight.  It's a false sense of power that needs to be let go so you can have relationships of genuine value.

Let's be above such things and see the difference in your life when you are about the brighter view on things.  People will love, respect, honor, and follow those they admire.  You will catch more flies with honey than vinegar.  Be the good you seek.


11.  You see people doing things you perceive they shouldn't & you want to reprimand them online or report them to Compliance.

Why is this a hurdle or issue?  It seems on the surface that being that whistleblower might be the right thing.  Well, it is, but isn't.  My thought on this is simple and sweet:  You don't know if they are new, cancelled, or just making an honest mistake.  We contribute to the false fear of Compliance when we report others.  This creates a culture of cutthroat Consultants and harms our brand.  

It's just like driving.  Sure, people run stop signs or speed and people can get hurt when rules get broken.  But leave that to the police or highway patrol to monitor.  In this same light, eventually those who are dishonest, doing things against Compliance, or cheating will get caught or trip themselves up.  Let karma do it's work and no, you're not karma, ha ha!  Drive in your own lane and all will work itself out.

Also, I hardly participate in online discussions/groups/reddit etc that seem to harp on those who break the rules or offer ISO (is seeking out) or GOOB (going out of business) items.  Why do I stay away?  Simple.  I don't want to participate in the negativity.  I also believe those that undersell the products at lower prices are not being honest.  We agreed to sell the item at $5 and when people offer less than that, it's a disservice to those selling appropriately.  I won't contribute to a false market for our products and brand.  

It's pointless to spend your time arguing about what should be going on when there is plenty of work to do.  If no one bought from the scammers, if no one reported anyone else, if no one under-sold, and we all worked our business - what would we have?  We'd have the Paparazzi Mission Statement in full force.  Let's be THAT - shall we?

As a personal rule, I have yet to report anyone to Compliance and I never will.  Have I seen non-compliant issues?  Yes.  I'm just not the paparazzi-police and I don't want to be the one who tears another down.  Let's all support each other and it will all turn out okay in the end.  I believe this 100%.


12.   You seek advice on how to work your business but ignore it.

I have done this myself many times!  I clearly remember when I asked my upline what I needed to do to hit that next rank and she gave me solid advice.  My first reaction was, "Gosh that's a lot.  I don't want to do that much!"  Well, guess what?  It TOOK THAT MUCH to get to my desired rank.  Catch the vision of those who have gone before and when someone who is successful gives you the answer, follow through!  

Remember, like a teenager who doesn't listen to their parents, a leader is only trying to help you.  They don't have to give away their secrets to success, but they care enough to share.  Show them respect and gratitude by doing to the best of your ability what they offer for you to do.  It may not make sense until later why - but they have your best interest at heart.  

What are some proven tactics that I've learned when I was seeking for methods that bring Direct Sales success as a Paparazzi Consultant?

1.  Go live.  No one cares if you're fat, cute, skinny, fancy, plain, or have 100 or 50 pieces.  People buy from people they like.  Just get out there and show what you have and be happy!  Do this often!  Whenever you get a box, pop it open, and go live!  

2.  Invoice at least weekly and keep shipping reasonable, no higher than a flat rate of $4.00.  I personally offer shipping at $3.75 for up to 4 items ($20) and $1 every ounce or 4 items thereafter.  I invoice every 48 hours for lives and on Fridays for album items, with occasional weekly invoicing for all if that seems to be a good week to do so. 

Invoicing once a week as a rule with flat rate shipping is difficult to manage as I have 100's of pieces per live that sell. if I pile that up to invoice Friday, there isn't enough time to get that all packaged and invoiced and many packages cost me $6 and up to ship, so I like to invoice and ship fast to prevent a pileup and losing money on orders. 

As you begin, once a week with a flat rate may be just fine.  I've also sold thousands of orders and I've found that my shipping rate provides the best cost to my customers without eating it on my end for the packaging, shipping, and time it takes to get orders out.  Of course, this is flexible and your business may need another method.  Find what works best for you.

3.  People are looking for Paparazzi and I like to have my bases covered by posting often on as many platforms as a I can. I have a public Facebook profile (I don't get too personal on FB anyway, so I don't mind the public setting), an Instagram account for my business with frequent posts and tagged products, and I enjoy posting an album every week showing the entire in stock items on the Paparazzi website and ordering what my customers claim.  I also utilize Pinterest for exposure.  I use Shopify for my website to showcase inventory and posts like this.  I also ship from home.  For lives I go live on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.  I make sure my content is current.  All of the "How-To" to do what I've mentioned is available if you google it.  I want to be THE Paparazzi resource! 

Ask yourself: How are you representing the product? 

Please note: Very few customers log in to the Paparazzi website and look for themselves.  You are the Consultant - they expect YOU to show them.  Are you doing that?

You don't have to reinvent the wheel, just use proven tactics that work week in and week out.  Find out what type of Consultant you want to be and dive in!  You may only want to do this part-time, or for the discount...whichever road you take, take it with intent.  Get going, you've got this!


13.  There are Corporate events or team milestones but you're nowhere to be seen - you've gone 'Ghost Mode'.

In Paparazzi, there are annual events that for any dyed-in-the-wool Consultant are MUST attend.  There are also moments you can pull out of your "me" bubble and cheer on other Consultants, especially if they're on your team!

Every spring there is Empower Me Pink (Feb-March), in the summer there is Convention (July-Aug), in the winter there is Passport Vacation (Jan) and in between are recognition opportunities like Life of the Party, Crown Club, and special events like Spring/Fall lines, Zi Collection/Signature Series pieces, and season Starlet Shimmer.  

Are you aware of this?  Do you sign up to go to Convention or tell yourself there's always next year?  Do you feel like you're invisible or too small a Consultant to be present at such events?  If you can make time for family vacations and for other special events, you can incorporate your business into your schedule.  It may be a sacrifice or something you work for - but GO FOR IT.  You don't have to be Elite to attend events.  There are a select few things that are invitation only: Life of the Party get-together at Convention, Leadership Summit, Life of the Party Diamond Shopping, or Incentives...but the major events are open to all.  Be there!  Show up!

For me, I hated seeing Consultants post pictures of the cool new stuff, the trips, and the events and I was sitting at home.  I remember clearly when I said to myself, 'that's the LAST time I miss THAT!' and I've gone to every event since then.  I've made so many memories and now my customers see me as someone they can count on to get the goods and have the fun.  I grow my team because people want that life too.  When you show up, things move forward at a faster pace.  

Register for Convention.  Make it happen.  Sacrifice to go on that trip.  Work your business.  It's WORTH it to be involved.  When your'e invested and feel like you're a part of Paparazzi - you catch the vision of what this could be.  Don't let it pass you by!

Also let's not forget to cheer on our team! If you're a leader do you reach out - or is it all about you while your team flaps in the wind?  It's okay if things get busy and you're not there for everyone 100% of the time - but do you try?  Don't ghost your teammates!  Whether you're a leader or not - tell someone good job, post an emoji, share your support! 

Remember:  What goes around comes around and if you're in the habit of showing up and shouting out - it will come back to you.  Remember how good it feels to get a pat on the back and pay it forward.  Be present at big events and make it a team effort - that's how we ALL grow!


14.  You make it all about the money - wanting it or flaunting it.

Customers can tell when you're desperate to sell.  People also sense when you are not invested in them and want to grab a buck.  I try to engage with customers 80% of the time as regular people and 20% of the time like customers.  I say hello, comment on their photos, send them a quick vacay photo or comment on short, we relate in a real way. 

I NEVER cold message random people or befriend someone Facebook recommends I might know.  If you really don't know someone, don't bug them - no one likes it and it comes off predatory and fake.

Please be aware it is against Compliance to poach or try to sway other Consultant's customers to buy from you instead.  If you participate in another Consultant's business do not mention you are a Consultant too, hoping you'll win people are a customer only.  Be respectful and don't tread on toes. 

As a rule, I only have Facebook friends I have a genuine interest in.  I also don't befriend a ton of Paparazzi Consultants - instead I ask they follow me.  I don't want my timeline to be so Paparazzi-saturated I can't see what anyone else is up to.  Also remember if you engage on another Consultant's VIP group or Business Page your customers can see that - why advertise inadvertently for someone else? 

Remember to share the jewelry because you love it.  Engage with people as a genuine person.  It's the little moments of true engagement that build relationships and in turn boost your online algorithms.  Get out there and be SOCIAL and you'll find your business will grow.  If all you do is post product after product on your timeline people will see you as a hun-bot (MLM devotee) and that is a huge turnoff.  

Incorporate your business into your life naturally and share your products in the right venues, mostly on your business pages and treat people like human beings.  They'll thank you for it by investing in you and your business right back!

If you have a team, please be sensitive to where your teammates are at.  I will not ask teammates to buy inventory to help me rank up.  If they want to spend their money on product, that is their decision and shouldn't be influenced to help you out.  Let it grow organically.  This avoids resentment and looking like it's all about you.

They can also tell when you're a shameless self-promoter.  No one truly cares about your Louie or your Benz.  That just makes you look like you're materialistic and unapproachable.  If you have those things, let them complement your life naturally and don't draw attention to it.  Those with true money don't flaunt it - they are just simply at that level and it doesn't need to be announced.  

When you put content out - ask yourself: Is this content I want to see or am I just trying to make a sale?  Let your instinct guide you to have material that is engaging and not about using people to earn cash.


15.  You forget your why and leave your story untold.

When you find roadblocks in front of you or your business seems stalled - ask yourself: Why did I join Paparazzi?  

The answer to that question is your WHY.  It's your reason for investing your time and money into a company.  You won't get that time or money back - so make sure you use it wisely.  Make sure you're doing something you believe in.  

It's okay if your why changes.  Life is full of adaptation and change.  Roll with it.  I like to journal and keep a vision board.  Write down your weekly, monthly, and annual goals.  Keep your why fresh.  It will inspire you when that motivation is running low.  Share it with your customers in a video.  Share your testimony of your business and encourage your teammates when they share theirs.  

Your WHY will inspire others.  It will keep your fire burning.  It can pull you out of a slow live, dead in the water album, or in a recruiting slump.  Get creative! Do a video, post on Insta, share on Pinterest...put your heart out there.  You never know who you could inspire!


Whew.............Are you still with me? 


That's a lot of advice!  It's coming from a place of wanting these answers for myself and seeking it out.  I hope you find something that has value to you and you feel like a clean slate is just waiting for you in your business!  Feel free to take notes.  If you share, please post credit to my website. 

I feel like these points hit the KEY issues of trying to be a successful Paparazzi Consultant. They all circumnavigate the same theme:  inconsistent engagement on social media and poor self-image.  If you can conquer those two things - that's the bulk of what holds you back.  In short - YOU have all the power to make it or break it!  

Let me leave some key points of wisdom that I think sum up the secrets of success on how to grow your business!

- You choose your own path, get out of your own way.

- Avoid focusing on your CAN'Ts.

- Go at your pace.  If an Elite Consultant's schedule dropped on your lap, it would overwhelm you.  Be grateful for your slow start so you can learn and grow into that role you are dreaming of.

- You don't need to learn more, you need to DO more.

- Hurdles will only stop you if you let them.  Learn to JUMP!
J: Jealousy robs you of potential
U: Understand where you are and make small weekly goals to improve
M: Make sure you follow up with customers and potential recruits, keep a planner so you know when and who to reach out.
P:  Paparazzi is a proven success.  Practice makes perfect - DO IT SCARED

- Pick your Path - Are you going live or not?  Posting that album or watching a movie?  Watch for New Releases or forget?  When it's important, your customers will think so too.

- Your sponsor or leader or that Consultant you admire is not the ONLY way to do this.  Have faith that YOU can be a leader too and start taking steps to grow YOUR business YOUR way!

- Few to none will randomly join your team.  You must ask over and over and get 90% NO before you find the 10% that say yes...only to discover the top 1% who RISE.  It's a numbers game, just keep knocking.  You never know who will answer.

- You don't have to be a clone of that fave Consultant to be successful - be YOU!  If you don't know what that means, start practicing self-growth habits so you can become someone you believe in!

- Direct sales is hard.  Recognize this.  Most fail.  Quitters always fail.  You will succeed if you never give up because most will fall away and you'll still be there.  It's like Survivor - outwit, outlast, outplay....stay in the game.

- Training is like a buffet.  You pick what you want to eat and leave the rest.  Not all of it is tasty to you but might be to someone else.  

- Don't focus on the money, focus on your WHY.  Share your WHY on every live.

- Your sponsor helps you open 2 doors.  The first you open together to learn, the second you open alone, to succeed.

- A leader is someone who introduces to you a key.  What that key opens is up to you.  You can either put that key and drive off in a Ferrari or a Pinto.  YOU CHOOSE.

- When you compare yourself to someone else, you forget who you are because all you see is them.

- There is no magic 8 ball.  You just have to work hard.  When people are sleepin' are you workin'?

- How do you succeed in Direct Sales or as a Paparazzi Consultant?  One piece of jewelry at a time.  It's like eating an elephant, no one finishes it in a day.

- Don't waste time on non-income producing activities like watching other Consultants, buying from them, over-training.  Just SHOW products daily!

- If you believe someone is better than you, you are shortchanging what you could be for someone else down the road.

- Everyone feels down or like a failure - the successful learn and change, the losers wallow in it and quit.

- Success isn't a guarantee, failure is.  It's what you do with your failures that brings you to success.

- It's easy sell jewelry, it's hard to believe YOU can.

- Learn your craft.  Know jewelry terms, stone types, and metal finishes. (Video for Jewelry Master Class HERE, Article on How Paparazzi Jewelry is Made HERE).

- Great teams are built one practice at a time.  No one wins the championship alone just by walking on the field.

- You are only as good as you believe you are.  Have faith greater than your fears.

- You only learn when you try.  Sure you may fail, but you will never get better unless you give it a go.

- Going live isn't hard.  You just push a button.  Do it scared.

- There is no single line to the top.  Your road is different than someone else's.  The people that need YOU won't want anyone else.  Find them and rise!

In closing, I can assure you that in my journey, I've faced these myself and some are a work in progress, and by making consistent efforts to do better, my business has improved.  I'm reaching goals I never thought were possible!

Please remember that your potential is unlimited and much of your success lies in what you believe and do in small, daily habits.  If you need inspiration, hitch your wagon to a Consultant you know is doing it right and let them be your North Star until you find your own footing.  Do as they do and you'll be just fine.  Those habits take time and it's wise to self-reflect and re-evaluate along the way.

You can do this.  You are good enough.  There is room for you.  Let these lessons spur you forward.  Hone your craft and develop your potential.  Greatness awaits.  We are in this together and I believe in you.  You CAN do it! 

See you at the top!



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