Paparazzi Empower Me Pink 2020 - Spring Preview Pack Lookbook Catalog - Coming LIVE!

Paparazzi Empower Me Pink 2020 - Spring Preview Pack Lookbook Catalog - Coming LIVE! - Gem Box Accessories
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Hello from Gem Box Tianne!

I've got ALL of the exclusive Empower Me Pink 2020 Spring Preview pack items here for you to see up close!

What is Empower Me Pink?  Empower Me Pink (or EMP if you're a Consultant in-the-know) is an annual national tour that Paparazzi offers to Consultants in an area that is near to them.  The high-impact meeting is chock full of great info to kick off your year.  Generally it's held in late January to early February and five stops are included on the tour. 



Each Empower Me Pink stop is a three hour meeting with business training, photo ops, and swag. There is an in depth look at the upcoming Spring Trends, Collection, and Pantone palettes.  You can count on a reveal that gets the whole room cheering!

For attending Consultants, the jewelry perks are always stunning! There is the 10 Item Spring Preview Pack for immediate purchase and FIVE exclusive pieces that will become available later ONLY for attending Consultants. 

EMP is designed to kick-start each Independent Consultant's Paparazzi business with the latest trends.  It's a great evening full of energy, Consultant-to-Consultant empowerment, and a chance to get to know Paparazzi's Corporate staff. 


I never miss Empower Me Pink and thankfully the first stop is usually the closest to me.  This year, I went to Empower Me Pink 2020 in Long Beach, Ca!

Goodbye snowy Utah, helloooo sunny So-Cal!  Thank you palm trees and beach sand for being SO DANG fabulous!

But let's talk about this great lineup of jewelry for Spring 2020 in the 10 item Preview Pack - you'll see touches of fabulousness that Paparazzi has NEVER done before. 

Dive in with me - because if you're like me you want to see BIG ol' photos with LOTS of detail.  I have them and I'm ready to dish - scroll on to get the details!



First, a quick course if you're on the go and can't wait or if you prefer moving images and music!  If you'd like to see these pieces and their names without scrolling, I've got a quick video for ya. Take a sneak peek at these lovelies.

For those wanting the big kahuna of info, I'll go into more detail after the video on each piece and why they are so special for Spring 2020.  But if you're like me, you'll watch the video AND see the pics because I can't get enough of this Paparazzi goodness! 



Did you see a favorite? If so, get excited, because I've got all the details coming. Let's look at these one at a time.

1.  Nature's Finest - Brown Necklace

This gorgeous beauty has a brand NEW Feature that Misty Kirby (one of our Paparazzi Founders) was just in love with!  Behold delicately shaved natural cork.  A quick treatise on cork, a natural bark, can be found here.  I feel like this necklace calls to those Magnificent Musings babes who are looking for an organic vibe to their edgy bling!

Delicate, thin layers of cork are overlaid on gleaming metal and infused with foil accents in shimmering gold.  Waxed cording hold the oval frames as they create a collar of eclectic style. 

Of course, you'll get matching earrings!  A fab feature of all Paparazzi necklaces is that perfect earrings are included - every time!  

What I love about this piece:  Natural wood fibers, tribal waxed leather-like flair, and the gold-tones touches of sparkle.  P.S.  There's a cuff coming too! Say whaaa?!

Next up, an eye-popping beauty I know you'll love!


2.  Royal Crest - Multi Necklace

Right in line with the neon and textured trends for 2020 is this bright piece that is so so sooo me!  This one is for sure to appeal to those Sunset Sightings peeps out there!

Juicy acrylic octagonal faceted gems just burst with color.  Snuggled next to emerald cut mega-watt rhinestones, this is a show stopping piece that won't be ignored.  Fantastic color fusion of neon-yellow and watermelon pink - stop my 80's loving heart!

Included are easy-to-pair with anything emerald cut gem earrings.  If you've never seen a Paparazzi gem in person - these fire on all cylinders with SO much bling and glitter in the light.  You'll be hooked, I promise!

What I love about this piece:  The neon shades paried WITH rhinestone gems.  I love a statement necklace and I plan to layer 3 or 4 to make a neon faux-Zi of my own!  


Next up, another NEW texture released from Paparazzi.....this one had the whole room on fire.  We looooved this style and I think you will too!


3.  Oh Macrame, Oh My - White/Ivory Earrings

Let's just take a look at this amazing macramé pair of earrings!  Delicately woven natural colored fibers interlace to create this vintage throwback of style.  Glimpses of Malibu girls, unite!

The natural color of these earrings will pair with anything this spring and summer.  Lightweight and woven onto a delicate silver wire for a dreamcatcher effect, these will be my go-to!  I also saw these babies in a periwinkle/mint ombré style that had my heart doing flip-flops!  I can't wait to see the shades these will come in - but for that classic surfer girl look - this natural ivory is perfect as a day on the beach!

What I love about this piece:  The STYLE!  I am growing out my pixie into a textured edgy bob and these woven earrings will be just what I am looking for.  Eco-driven natural fibers, boho-chic weaving, vintage echos of arts and crafts....this is very much a ME piece!


 Next up.........more Spring colors in a style that is oh-so-Paparazzi!


4.  Flirtatiously Fruity - Green Necklace

Why have one strand of beads when you could stop a room with three?!  Layers of cool mint Pantone Biscay Green acrylic beads create a cascade of color.  Each strand varies with opaque spherical beads meeting up with crystalline marble smoked beads, and then merges at the center into large, flattened silky-smooth beads for maximum effect.  Don't forget the smoky, marble crystal bead earrings!  Say that 10 times fast!

The beauty of this piece is the vintage appeal and the fresh take on beaded jewelry.  Top quality features are the metallic bars spacing out each individual cluster and multiple chains for maximum durability.  This is a piece you can wear on it's own for a light and breezy look or layer several to own the afternoon!

Perfectly appointed bead earrings to match and this would be perfect with a denim boiler-jumpsuit, wedges, and that handbag you've been dying to show off!  Get it, girl!

What I love about this piece:  For anyone who doubts the beauty of beaded jewelry, this is tropicana fabulous!  It reminds me of 1950's style with 1960's color and 1970's attitude - all wrapped up in 2020 chic.  I would so wear this with oversized sunglasses and a layered skirt.  It's all about easy and fun looks - perfect for that quick meetup for Pho with my bestie!


Next is a style that packs a serious punch of color and a surprise that I think you'll really love!

5.  Color Coordinated - Orange Bracelet

This beauty is simple in its design but also perfect to create that 'arm candy' stack.  Paparazzi has several beads and stones they offer and this one is what I affectionately call 'jelly bean' acrylic.  It's got that shiny lacquer on the outside and a gentle hum of light in the center - it seems to glow from within.  It is just beautiful in real life and this popping shade of Pantone Orange Peel is vibrant, effusive, and short, perfect for Spring!  P.S.  Check the delicate facets on this acrylic beauty.

The rope texture of antiqued silver perfectly encases the oval bead and closes with a hinge.  I love hinge bracelets because they are so easy to take on and off!  The simplicity of the texture is a great contrast to the vivid hue of the bead.  It's a great pairing that you could wear alone or with a stack of arm candy...either way, you've got style on lock.

What I love about this piece: The hinge - it's all about the hinge!  So easy to wear!  The glowing beads with their bounce of light are so fresh.  I can't wait to see what colors this bracelet will be released in!



Now that we're halfway through the Spring Preview Pack for 2020....I had to throw in the piece that is the MUST-HAVE of the set!


6.  Opal Opulence - White ring

Oh WOW to the WOOOOOW!  Look at that opaline or often called opalescent stunner!  When Misty Kirby put this baby on the screen, the entire room at Empower Me Pink cheered for glory!  We've seen accents of opalescent gems but this's all about STYLE and glam! 

I know I'll feel Jean Harlow fabulous wearing this and immediately my mind starting thinking of all the ways Paparazzi would employ this popping opal in future pieces.  Let me drop a bomb, MARCH 2020 Glimpses of Malibu is gonna be EPIC!

For months, I've had customers tell me they love love love knuckle-to-knuckle rings.  Cocktail style statement rings are going to be ringing in Spring 2020 in a variety of finishes and colors.  This stunner though - it's the hallmark of this style for me.  I can't WAIT to get my hands on it. 

Oh, might I add, if you've never worn a Paparazzi stretch ring, I promise you won't find a more comfortable fit anywhere that is so versatile.  I have been converted to this style not only because I'm a Consultant, but because I prefer how they feel on my fingers.  Give this ring a try and I believe you'll be converted too!

What I love about this piece:  The über gorgeous OPAL style stone!  The magnificent, gleaming, moondrop of unicorn GLORY that is this gorgeous stone!  Can you tell I love it?  I will be wearing this for years to come.  It is epic.  My fave of all the pieces in this Preview Pack.

If you've picked your jaw up off the're doing better than me because I'm still WOW over that ring!  What better way to grab your attention than with some blazing animal print!  Get ready - this one is 200 mph HOT!


7.  The Rest is HISS-tory - Red Leather Wrap Bracelet


Hello to the bold snake pattern on this bracelet!  Not for the shy girls out there (or gents)...this one has such a rich canvas of color - it's almost dangerous!  I feel like this screams Magnificent Musings but with the pattern and Hollywood vibe, it could easily be Sunset Sightings!  It's a toss up for me, but one thing I know for sure is that red/black combo is lethal.  

Embossed with a snake/python animal print, genuine leather is heart stopping vivid red and deep black.  I love the over-sized style and the bold in your face color palette.  I can bet something like this in neon might make it's way into my Back Office and to my Gem Box girls.  

We love animal print, don't we?  It made a strong comeback for Fall, but for Spring it's taken up a notch!  Pantone Flame Scarlet is a great moniker for this beautiful cherry red and in a snake print, this is a fierce trend I could see rock the runway and be a fan favorite this season!

What I love about this piece: The flaming color pattern!  Red and black is such a strong combination that when you add a totemic print like snake it becomes the ultimate power piece.  I fully plan to wear this on my A-Game days and feel like a million bucks.  I still can't believe that Paparazzi brings us such incredible style for only $5!


If you've been looking for that Little Black Dress (LBD) elegant night out style...get ready!  It's not all punches of neon and color for Spring.  Paparazzi has you covered when it comes to boardroom chic styles as well.  Where are my Fiercely Fifth Avenue girls at?


8.  Fifth Avenue Attraction - Black Earrings


If you're the type of girl that has your neutrals perfectly coordinated, you'll want to definitely grab these!  You love your classic lines, your perfectly polished nails, and your planner is one to inspire the rest of us!  If this is you, these onyx rhinestone Gatsby style stunners are the perfect accessory for Spring!

Although the style is elegant, it's not casually put together.  The beauty of layered teadrops, rimmed with rhinestones and textured silver creates a play of light.  The perfect pop of onyx black rhinestones creates that black-tie-affair appeal that is so classic.

A jewelry wardrobe wouldn't be complete without a pair of earrings that compliments any hairstyle, any skin tone, and balances that jumpsuit, dress, or tailored blazer.  

You may find yourself grabbing these for that girl's night out, big presentation, or moment where you want to feel fabulous for no reason at all.  The great style of these earrings is that they are so versatile, you can wear these formally or casually and they're the perfect fit.

What I love about this piece: Glam.  Straight up glam.  I love a classic teardrop and black and white combination.  The stones are delicate, evenly spaced, and the harmony of these earrings is so visually appealing.


I didn't forget about my Simply Santa Fe ladies and the men who love it too!  This time, the color isn't's Pantone's rich, sienna kissed shade of Cinnamon Stick!  Get ready!


9.  Rural Revolution - Brown Ring


Let's give it up for this gorgeous color, right?  Brown is going to make a huge comeback this year.  This is no simple milk chocolate, Pantone Cinnamon Stick is a perfect name for this shade.  It's a warm toned reddish brown and in a natural stone finish it has a warmth and richness that is so appealing!

Three stone rings are a favorite and if you have a 'then, now, and forever' stone wedding ring, these can be an earthy version of this style!

Enjoy the "crackle" or natural stone veining that you see in this Southwestern styled ring.  A great detail is to note how the stones graduate in size, increasing as the ring flows downward.  Flip that style by wearing it the other way around as well - so versatile!

Each oval cabochon stone is set in gleaming silver.  Deepened shadows of antiqued edges make this appear like an heirloom piece.  The quality of jewelry lies in the details.  At first glance this could be simple, but when you break down the features one by one, you see yet again how cool Paparazzi jewelry is.  No more department store shopping for jewelry - Paparazzi is the chic accessory brand to watch for!

What I love about this piece:  The hue of that delicious stone!  I love brown when paired with camel, cream, and sunbleached bone white.  This warm color is so rich and natural stone is artisan luxe.  I love pairing a ring like this with a pendant necklace and stacks of etched bangles.  


And last, but certainly not least...the finale of our 10 piece 2020 Empower Me Pink Spring Preview Pack is this moonstone (or cat's eye, whatever ya flava) oceanic, calming blue!  Take a look!

10.  Serene Serendipity - Blue Necklace


Cobalt, rich blue is one of my favorites and this is Pantone's 2020 Color of the Year - Classic Blue!  Celebrating this color seemed appropriate as the last piece of the Preview Pack because of it's heralded blue.

Moonstone is a favorite of my Gem Box Accessories customers.  It's a unique stone that captures light in a vertical arc of gleaming shine that is reminiscent of a cat's eye - it's other alias.  Cat's Eye or Moonstone comes in a rainbow of colors and this rich blue is stunning.

Nautical shades like tan, navy blue, white, and black are going to be seen all over the styles this Spring 2020.  It's no mistake that the Pantone palette for this season is chock full of blues!  What better way to showcase this best-selling color than in the Color of the Year and in moonstone?!  Wow!  In true Paparazzi style, you'll also have a lovely pair of moonstone earrings, complimentary with your necklace.

An over-sized pendant coalesces into a fringey tassel and if you look closely, you'll see a rhinestone 'disco ball' sphere right above the moonstone.  Classic geometric lines just like you'll see in Greco-Roman architecture further highlight the elegance of this necklace.  

Don't overlook this one!  It's a stunner and if you've never seen Moonstone in real life, get ready, it's a glow you won't forget!

What I love about this piece:  Dreamy moonstone - who doesn't love it's depth of color, refraction of white scattered light, and how it moves with you...a spell of sparkle you can't resist?  I love the color and it's so much more than a dark blue...I can't wait to wear it with coral, neon green, and white!  Hello Spring!




What a great way to begin Spring 2020, right?!  Every year, I think to myself, "Paparazzi just keeps getting better and better!"  This year is no exception.  I'm so grateful to be a Consultant for this A+ brand and represent these beautiful pieces.  There is so much joy living #TheBlingLife 💎.

Out of all ten of these beautiful pieces, did you have a favorite?  I'd love to hear all about it - drop a comment or find me on Facebook HEREI'll be showing these live this week and there is only ONE of each piece! 

I'll be sure to announce ahead of time so you can get ready to snag up the one you love! 

Also don't worry, if I know Paparazzi (and I do!) you'll be seeing these preview styles in a range of colors, metal finishes, and eye-popping combos ALL season long!  Your girl Tianne will load them all up in the Gem Box - ready to share them with YOU!

See you live all this week!  

Post Edit:  I showed these beauties and they all SOLD OUT - watch the live here:


Are you as excited for Spring 2020 as I am?!  I can't wait! 

See you soon on the Spring side!




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