GORGEOUS New Releases from Paparazzi Accessories!

GORGEOUS New Releases from Paparazzi Accessories! - Gem Box Accessories
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Hey there Gem Box Girl!

If you've ever wondered how and when Paparazzi releases new jewelry- I've got the info!

Every weekday, Paparazzi releases on average 10-20 new pieces of jewelry at approximately 1:30 MST.  Each piece is only $5 and lead and nickel free- designed exclusively for Paparazzi and guaranteed to be ON TREND.

Each release is limited edition.  By definition, that means it is released only once and is available until it sells out (often in minutes if it's a highly desirable style) or can last up to 3 weeks.  Every now and again you'll see a piece released for a second time in the following year, but that is rare.  You'll be surprised to see your favorite piece may come out in various metals or colors.  Feel free to grab them all!  At $5, you can't afford NOT to!

The exciting thing about our beautiful new releases from Paparazzi is that Gem Box has a very comprehensive inventory- we don't miss the good stuff!  So if you're looking for the latest NEW pieces from Paparazzi- check here daily.  You'll see the best Paparazzi has to offer.

If you want to see pieces on Paparazzi's website and order directly from their current inventory, you'll need Consultant access.  We've got you covered!  Use the link below to browse the NEW pieces Monday through Friday:

VIP Access to Paparazzi Inventory: https://paparazziaccessories.com/GemBox

If you want to see what Gem Box has in stock- feel free to click NEW Releases and you'll see the finest bling around!

Gem Box is lucky to have been a Consultant since 2016.  That means, we don't just have what's new- we have vintage, hard to find, and sold out pieces you can't get anywhere else!  Consider Gem Box as your Paparazzi Catalog!  

Now you know WHEN Paparazzi releases their new jewelry and how to get it!  If you want to become a Paparazzi Consultant and build your own inventory and business, please email me at info@gemboxaccessories.com  I'm a strong, active, consistent leader who is experienced and real.  I'd love to see you shine too!

Have a wonderful day, grab those NEW pieces- and don't forget to be the kindness the world is looking for.



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