Fall 2018 Fashion Report with Paparazzi & Pantone!

Fall 2018 Fashion Report with Paparazzi & Pantone! - Gem Box Accessories
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Hey Gem Box Girl-

Misty Kirby (Paparazzi Founder) and Kasidee (Paparazzi stylist) rocked Aspire 2018 Convention by giving the inside scoop on Fall Fashion. Just like a personal celeb stylist experience akin to the Zoe Report- Paparazi 2018 Fall Collection is here!! NEW Blockbuster announced!  All of it personally curated and exclusive........take that, A listers!

Paparazzi researches the pulse of fashion and integrates trends into their exclusive designs!!

Ring in the BLING!

Pantone palettes, Asian influence, Vintage European touches, Urban Edge, and Textures...think spices- flowing fabrics- textures, with pops of black in sheer and leather, rich Stones in desert shades and Emerald green, stripes and long trenches with zips of metals, plaid, and vintage bows topping off pleats—- finish it with sexy jeans, handcrafted touches, lace socks, military boots and urban distress- LOVE!

Watch our Urban line blow up!!

Pantone Shades that are 🔥🔥Hot🔥🔥: Valiant Poppy Red, Red Pear, Sargasso Sea, Nevulas Blue, Plum, Russet, Meerkat, Martini, Ceylon, and Quetzal.

🌅Sunset Sightings- Mix N Match stacks of hammered texture and color and handcrafted touches with mixes of urban and flash. Colors can blend as a whole with pops of earthy shades. Culottes, tweed, stylized sandals.

🏜Simply Santa Fe- Stone with length and jumpsuits. Beautiful color pops of color with floral elements and Native American influenced beading. More “careless” layers with focal points.

🏙Magnificent Musings- Mantra tees and Black/White with leather. Sheer with embroidery, metallic thread, crushed gems, cotton and bangs of bling. Blocked Parisian 90’s heel.

🏝Glimpses of Malibu- Metal chokers, chrome finish and texture with a jacket as a focal piece. Flowing pleats, moonstone, chiffon, and florals. Tiger’s Eye and defaced, faceted beads with bits of sparkle.

🗽Fiercely Fifth Avenue- Stacks of metal, Long trench, Kimono and mix n match. Vintage Italian pressed pleats and wilted florals.

🌠Imagine Fashion Week & Stylists all wrapped in Sparkle and there you have Paparazzi!🌠

Texture Alert: Tweed, Leather, Embroidery/Fringe, Corduroy, Pussycat Bows, Flared hems at the collar/tea length pants/wrists...Flowing wide leg trousers, and Pops of Metal and Plaid.

Urban Earth Goddess!

#Fashion #GemBoxAccessories

Inspired by Chanel tweed, Versace patterns, Gucci stripes, Givenchy lace, McQueen plaid, Valentino metals, Yeezy athle-wear, and Hermes chiffon....Watch the Runway come to YOU!

You can bet Fall 2018 is going to be a best-seller!  If you're looking for EXCLUSIVE pieces- search 'Convention' and you'll find the latest fall accessories!



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